Back in the mid-90's, I bought all the range brass from a public shooting range. The 5 gallon pails filled the back of a pickup box. I still have way more 30-06 brass than I will ever use. In light of the current component shortage, it's time to let some of it go.I have available around 600 pieces of R-P 30-06 brass. I gave it all a quick trip thru the polisher, sorted it by weight, and bagged it in lots of 100 plus a couple for good measure. As this is not current production, I would hope the quality control was better than when they have been running the plants wide open recently. I'm asking $35/ bag plus actual shipping. This is nice stuff.

I also have small quantities of other rifle 223 or 308, sorry. Ask if you need something.

Have bags of once fired 40S&W and some new Starline 38 Super nickel I don't need anymore too. I think there is some 38 SPL hiding somewhere too.

If interested let me know...I'm is Colorado.