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Bunch of Garand Parts F/S......................

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    Bunch of Garand Parts F/S......................

    If you want to purchase parts please post "I'll take it" here followed by a PM with your NAME AND ADDRESS AND HOW YOU WANT TO PAY . Failure to do so and you may miss out on the part.
    PayPal, USPS Money Order or cash at your risk. Personal check if I know you
    Insurance is extra and must be asked for if wanted, I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages

    Shipping is $4.75 First Class, will ship multiple parts with no extra ship charge as long as they dont go overweight and fit in padded envelope I use. Can also ship in Priority Mail Flat Rate box $8.45

    Unissued USGI Springfield rear sight bases,I have several packages of these .They fit both the Garand and M1A/M14
    $19.99 ea plus ship SOLD

    These are later production USGI unissued hammer spring plungers without wings. They are dry from long time storage in VCI wrap. No longer in original wrap as it was damaged. They fit both the Garand and M1A/M14 Priced to move ......................
    $3.99 ea plus ship

    Unissued USGI Springfield Garand Clip Latches
    $19.99 ea plus ship ALL SOLD

    Unissued USGI Garand Springfield Firing Pins
    $14 ea plus ship SOLD

    WWII SA Garand Hammers in grease in perfect condition, no chips to spur and sharp hooks, appear to be unissued but as I didnt take them out of wrap will call them excellent condition. These are Garand hammers with various drawing numbers and will also interchange in a M1A perfectly. Great price to have a spare
    $26.95 ea plus ship
    (2 left)

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    list updated.................


      Where did you originally get these? Really cool find!


        I have my sources


          Originally posted by Pierce View Post
          Where did you originally get these? Really cool find!
          If they are from Orlando, they are legit and completely as advertised, buy with confidence!


            Haha im sure they're legit just curious


              "I'll take this"
              1ea hammer
              2ea fire pins
              2ea clip spring

              PM sent