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SOLD: Correct 1943 Scott Duff Documentation

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    SOLD: Correct 1943 Scott Duff Documentation

    First unconditional "Ill take it" posted here takes precedence over any other pm's or emails etc.

    Continuing to thinning out garand collection...……………………….

    1943 SA Garand corrected, restored by Sott Duff in 1997 with documentation. No rust or pitting.MW 1.25 TW 2.5 Nice example corrected by a respected member of the Garand community.I purchased a couple nice Scott Duff restored rifles off of a individual years ago and this is one of them
    If you have any questions or need more pictures just PM me
    CMP was selling WWII Correct Grades at South Store in 2017 for $3300.00 out the door.
    REDUCED $2300.00 plus shipping/insurance .SOLD SOLD Shipped in plastic rifle case and box

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      Hello! I responded on the thread I started asking for help on which WWII M1 I should buy. I'm not used to forums, so I don't know if you would get an undate saying I had responded to you, but here is what I responded to you giving me a third option:

      I do remember seeing this one on Guns International, I believe, but it had been more expensive at the time. I admit that I have gone back to it a few times and considered it, since it is correct grade and has the Scott Duff documentation. That was a big draw. But, I was spooked by the fact it said "restored" and I didn't know what that entailed...I was afraid that meant something might have been refinished or changed from its original WWII era parts. The last thing was, though I do have the money up-front, my husband and I were hoping to do layaway so that we didn't have to dump that much money all at one time. The other two listings on GunBroker mentioned doing 50% down when purchased then 60 days layaway. We're just cautious people that are afraid to put ourselves in a financial bind if an emergency came up.

      Is this your M1 being sold? If so, can you tell me a little bit more about it and what it meant by restored?