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M1 garand thumbsavers, new design

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    M1 garand thumbsavers, new design

    Hardened 4150 Steel with a parkarized finish.

    A redesigned, not modified, OpRod catch.

    Allows easy, simplified loading of the enbloc clip.

    Prevents M1 thumb!.

    Eliminates timing issues.

    Allows single shot or less than full clip loading and firing.

    With an empty clip latched in the receiver, single rounds can be loaded into the clip, 1 through 8. when you have as many as you wish, just pull charging handle to release bolt.

    disables auto ejection of empty clips.

    No more lost clips.

    No more stock dings from flying clips.

    The rifle is not modified and can be converted back to GI by replacing the Device with the original catch.

    NO tools needed.

    Installation takes only a few minutes.

    Great for younger, older, or disabled shooters, allows the shooter to use both hands to load clip. Some of those springs are strong.

    Operation of rifle with upgrade:

    Insert loaded clip until it clicks in place.

    Pull rearward on charging handle and release to chamber round.

    When clip is empty depress the clip latch on the left side of the receiver.
    video done by the American Gunsmithing Institute
    Fit, function, and satisfaction guaranteed.
    75$ shipped to the lower 48
    Click image for larger version  Name:	YG7vQDHXpSxFiSdtrBWBUu5ZSPcO_2qowfFDJ0_Bd5G  I9HFYuK9P-5Mf1dQ4nbW6IEYJnvK5brDZd0wH5Mi_xq_E1_zVWZbFVo4Xd1p  7s3mzaXcBYjcFiUeqSerqlpXGxDVf6LQ_LKNfyl0ZR3vAXn-30d2K-UllizgUJijrcc-9NUSfj3eHKM7QRCyiBgBVYNJ0CsZxf9c8hgZSvg0__izY-BoWl9NTZYfLqZITzSHE9GJVPdUW7pVgI21NUWS Views:	943 Size:	181.0 KB ID:	23022
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    Received mine in the mail this weekend. Very nicely made and finished. Installed easily.


      I received my thumb saver last week. I installed it and it sure works as advertised. Great Garand shooting aid - I might have to buy another one!



        Received mine. Very good finish. Good idea to contact Brownells, SARCO, and Gun Parts Corporation for quantity sales of this item. Very hard to find. I just happened to find you on ebay. With new shooters getting Garand M1 rifles, this should be a popular item. Nobody wants "Garand thumb". Do not want to lose clips in grass or other field conditions, either.


          New Garand owner here. I have installed the Holbrook Device on my CMP Garand but the bolt won't stay back when retracted. Have I installed the device (or some other component) incorrectly?.....Everything seems to be correct.
          Thanks for any help....Steve


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            I have seen the spring get wadded up upon installation and keep it from pivoting up to catch the oprod. if you remove the stock and have the bolt forward you should be able to push the thumb saver up towards the barrel and then it should flick back down under its spring pressure. If its not moving freely or you don't see it piviot upward right before the bolt reaches its rear most travel dont hesitate to call or email me 406-552-7516 [email protected]

          M1 Garand thumbsaver - new design ; I received it a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful - it is as advertised, shipped very fast and works very well. This is the best thing going for a full or partial magazine reload. The clip stays in the magazine until you release it. No more chasing the released clip around. No more having to pry a modified clip out of the magazine either. The only caution that I see is loading a clip with rounds in it into the magazine and then "bumping" the rifle before you release the bolt. The bolt could release if you "bump" the rifle hard enough (example : let the buttplate hit the floor or bench just a little too hard) . Load it on the firing line, you should be O.K. Anyway, I think this is an excellent idea . Hope you all do too.


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            I suppose you are correct in this, the weight to unlatch the bolt on one of my rifles was 18 lb, and it took a drop from about 25 inches to a rubber mat in order for the bolt to unlatch and close. however anytime you put a full clip in a rifle, whether the bolt is back or not, it is now loaded and should be treated as such.

          I recently installed my Holbrook device and the bolt will not release when you pull it back. It locks back and stays there. Have I installed it wrong?
          Shoot safe...


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            if you are trying to shut the bolt while the rifle is empty you have to depress the follower slightly in order for the latch to release
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          All right kinda wondered what this was, inquired about it on another post. But got no answer. Learn something new every day.


            I apologize to anyone that asked a question on here and I didn't get back to them right away, I guess I'm not getting notifications from this forum. I will try and get it sorted out.


              Not trying to start some thing here, but, when are you all gonna learn that it is impossible to get M1 Thumb when loading a FULL CLIP into the magazine? The laws of physics prevent it. Do you REALLY think the gov't would have approved a weapon that was injurious to its own military??!!?? Just for the record, I've been shooting/ collecting/ studying the M1 rifle for 40 years. In that 40 years, I have had M1 Thumb EXACTLY zero times.
              And pet peeve number 2. An M1 rifle does NOT have a "charging handle". It has an op rod handle. Geez, learn the nomenclature.
              Rant over.



                ok first someone stating "not trying to start something here" most certainly is, second, the proper Springfield nomenclature is "HANDLE, OPERATING ROD"if you're going to be that scrutinizing you should check your facts as this falls into the same category as calling a rifle a gun. "two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time" you are correct, however, the .473 dia that the 30-06 cartridge occupies isn't the total area that can be injurious to someone's fingers. I'm glad you have never contracted Garand thumb, I have never been injured by any of my machines or had to go get a piece of metal drilled out of my eye either, but I am not naive in thinking it couldn't happen. almost everything is harder or sharper than a human so it doesn't take much. "Do you REALLY think the gov't would have approved a weapon that was injurious to its own military" did you really mean to say that? come on we could fill pages. and getting your thumb smashed when your 20 isn't really an injury, nor is a thumb saver meant to go into battle. it is just a device that makes the rifle easier to use for the people that prefer it that way. A lot of my customers are trained by the military and shoot or have shot competition with the rifle and they prefer it this way, but I am sure that they are far less informed on the matter than thee. I see from some of your other posts that you're a preservationist of the rifle for its historical importance, but history was not written by tools or machines, it was written by humans that created tools and machines. and we will rebuild, redesign, tinker, screw up, until the end of time. if your not, you're probably using a hammer as a wrench


                • TJT
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                  Ooh, did someone get butt-hurt because I said his gadget is unnecessary? Just for the record, I retired from a 40 year career last July as a journeyman machinist/tool and die maker, so yes, I know about machinery and their inherent abilities to maime and injure. I still have all 10 digits so I obviously pay attention to, and how to, run equipment. Operating an M1 is no different. It's a machine. Learn how to operate it properly.
                  Unfortunately I can't really tell you how I feel about you as this is a family-oriented site. Suffice to say you obviously have a big head and a swelled ego. Neither will fly very well on this site.
                  I'm done with you, don't bother with responding to me as it won't be read. I can see we'll never get along.
                  And I know the difference between a hammer and a wrench.

                In this day and age, everyone is looking for something to make their life simpler, this product looks to do that. It may not be for everyone but I applaud the man for designing something that is useful to may people. My wife’s grandfather was a tanker in the 3rd Army under Patton. He had Garand thumb, he said he got it not in training but in battle. When they were outside the tank and rounds are flying at you that’s when he got the tip of his thumb chewed up.