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Air force premium rifle-all original, not cmp made up rifle

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    Air force premium rifle-all original, not cmp made up rifle

    Springfield M1 Garand Air Force Premium Grade National Match Rifle, all original. Purchased from Scott Duff, and includes his original signed, data sheet, together with his summary sheet regarding the AFPG rifle. This is one of the few, last, remaining original AFPG rifles, in its original, as manufactured, condition, including the chamber insert sleeve. It is HIGHLY recommended that you DO NOT fire this rifle as the chamber insert sleeve may eject with the fired cartridge, causing catastrophic damage with the next discharge. The pictures show many of Scott Duff's observations contained in his description sheet. This not a CMP put-together from recently recovered barreled actions. If you want the original real thing instead of a CMP faux rifle, and NOT a CMP parts put-together rifle, this is the rifle for you as it is a guaranteed AFPG original rifle. THREE (3) DAY NON-SHOOTING inspection only. S&H $100.00. Insurance optional. FFL or C&R required. $4,995.00.

    I've received many photos of this rifle, and it's unreal. Condition is superb.
    If interested, please send 10XGARAND an email or PM requesting the will not be disappointed!
    Welcome to the Addiction!