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WTS: 11/1944 Springfield M1 original barreled receiver + more

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    WTS: 11/1944 Springfield M1 original barreled receiver + more

    Updated photos and description. I've been unable to sell this as a complete rifle here or on GunBroker, so I've ended my GB auction and am going to try to part it out.

    Up for sale is 11/1944 Springfield Armory M1 receiver serial #3246723 with original finish and believed-to-be original barrel (dated 11 44), rear hand guard, lower band/pin, and clip latch/spring/pin. These parts are as-received from the CMP on a complete rifle I bought from the South Store a few years ago. The barrel has an excellent, mirror bright bore with MW just under 1 and TE 2. Comes with original CMP certificate and hang tag. The barrel is unchromed, breech in the white. I think the above parts are original to the barreled receiver because they and the receiver have some very light rust/pitting in a few patches that all look the same, and likely resulted from the stock getting wet. Since the finish and these blemishes (very minor as they are) match so well, I'm assuming those parts were together at some point long ago when the damage occurred.

    Sold elsewhere for $750 plus shipping. Must go to a full-fledged FFL. USPS MO.

    Photos here:

    I'll be selling off the rest of the restored rifle these came off of, too, but only once the barreled receiver sells.

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    Update w/new photos, new price (trigger housing no longer included), and with MW/TE measurements.