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Ammo and Reloading Components available for sale.

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    Ammo and Reloading Components available for sale.

    Ammo & Reloading Components available for sale as of 09/22/2023.

    SHIPPING is NOT included & starts around $15 depending on your address. Payment instructions, contact info, and shipping disclaimer are at the end of the list. My email is [email protected] or call me in the afternoon AZ time at 602-517-8105, my name is Joe. Please DO NOT PM me! For some reason, I don't always get notifications.

    .22 LR:
    Remington Blue label “TARGET 22” (#6100), 40 Gr. 1150fps. $10 per 100 round plastic slip top box. Plenty available.

    .30 Luger:
    49 round box Western 93 GR. FMJ $50

    380 ACP:
    Winchester 95 Gr. FMJ, 50 round box $30

    9mm Largo:
    Spanish military 128gr. FMJ 1965 Non Corrosive primed in excellent condition. 25 round boxes, $15 each. Plenty available.

    38 Special:
    Winchester +P 158 Grain SWC hollow point. 28 rounds, $28.

    .45 ACP:
    Federal MATCH 185 Gr. metal cased wad cutter. $25 per box of 50. 3 available.

    .45 Auto Rim:
    50 round box of Remington 230 Gr. lead. $50.

    257 Roberts +P:
    1 rounds W-W Super soft tip, FREE with order.

    7x57mm Mauser:
    FN 46 FMJ. 198 rounds. 60¢ per round.

    .30 Carbine:
    RA 53 on strippers. 10 rounds per stripper. $8 per stripper.10 available.

    7.62x39 Soviet:
    Chinese Type 56 surplus Ball with STEEL CORE on strippers. $6 per 10 round stripper. 48 available.

    7,62 x 51 NATO (.308 Winchester):
    Hornady American Whitetail 150 Gr. InterLock. 20 round box, $20. Two boxes available.

    Chinese National/Taiwanese 30-06 M2 ball. Nice and clean. 164 rounds @ 50¢ per round.
    FN wood bullet blanks. 37 available. 35¢ each.
    Dutch wood bullet blanks. 67 available. 35¢ each.
    USGI grenade launching blanks. Dozens available, $3 each.
    RA (Remington) 1950’s M2 Ball non corrosive. 100+ rounds. $2 per round.
    WCC 1950’s M2 Ball non corrosive. 100+ rounds. $2 per round.
    Korean M25 Tracer (KA 73). 22 rounds available for $4 apiece. They work superb.
    Greek M25 Tracer. 50 rounds available. $3 apiece. They work great.
    USGI M25 Tracer, 1950’s Non corrosive. 100+ rounds for $2 per round.

    8mm Kurz (7,92x33):
    WWII German loose, various headstamps. $1 per round. Every round fired just fine when we tested it. Also, they are non corrosive primed. Yes, the Germans used non corrosive & also corrosive. Brass primers are corrosive, all others like steel & copper are NON corrosive.

    8x56R Steyr Mannlicher:
    Excellent condition 1938 boxed 10 rounds on two 5 round clips with Swastika on headstamp. Gustloff-Werke Otto Eberhardt, Patronenfabrik Hirtenberg. 20 ten round boxes available. $20 per box.

    8x57mm JRS:
    5 RWS rounds for $3.

    8mm Mauser (7.92X57mm):
    Turk 1943 in 70 round bandoleers on strippers. 3 available. $25 each.
    Czech 1930’s S. Ball (152gr). 40 rounds $20.
    Czech 1940’s – 50’s s.S. Ball (198gr). 80 rounds $40.
    German 1930’s brass s.S. Ball. 198gr. FMJ. $15 for a box of 15 rounds. Selling as collectable only.
    Loose German shooting ammo, late 1930’s & early 40’s s.S. & S.m.E. Ball ammo, 50¢ per round. APT 75¢ per round. AP $1 per round. Plenty available.
    British 1940’s AP, $2 per round. 8 available.
    Yugo assorted headstamps. Ball FMJ. 45¢ per round, 100+- available.
    Greek PCH 38. 48 rounds loose for $20.

    8mm Remington Magnum:
    8 rounds Remington Soft Point $14.

    .45-70 Government:
    Remington 300 gr. Semi jacketed HP. (safe for all rifles) partial box of 10 for $20.
    Remington 405 gr. SP. (safe for all rifles) partial box of 15 for $30.

    .50 BMG:
    KS 43 (Allegheny Ordnance Plant) linked AP in Excellent condition. $4 per round. 145 rounds available. Buy 105 rounds and get it in the original mint WWII metal ammo box.

    Brass: (not loaded ammo)
    38 Auto/38 Super. Mixed brass & nickel, NEW and once fired. 455 pieces, $150
    .220 Russian once fired made by Lapua. 33 pieces $15.
    6mm Remington R-P fired brass. 63 pieces $15.
    6.5x55 Swedish with Herter’s headstamp. Made in Sweden by NORMA. $1 each, 500 available.
    7MM Remington magnum brass, 49 pieces. (25) Remington, (24) Federal. $30.

    Round lead Balls:
    .440” Speer $12 per box of 100 balls. 10 available.
    .535” $3 for 18 Balls.

    Bullets: (not loaded ammo)
    Lehigh Defense .308 High Velocity Controlled Chaos Copper 175gr Bullet. 39 pieces, $30.
    .308” FMJBT 147gr. magnetic with smooth cannelure. New. 25¢ apiece. 4,091 available.
    FN .308” AP. Cleaned, no paint, 150 Gr. Boat Tail $2 each. Plenty available.
    .313”lead 111gr. RN HP. 5¢ apiece. 160 available.
    0.323” Remington 185 Gr. PSP with knurled cannelure. 30¢ each. 453 available.
    0.338” Barnes #33883 210 Gr. XBT. 50 pieces $20.
    0.338” Nosler 200 Gr. BT burgundy plastic tip. 25 pieces $20.
    .454” 224 Gr. un-lubed Maxi-Ball Bullets. 36 for $7.

    12 Ga. shot shell wads. Nice and pliable, stored indoors:
    250 – RP12 - $10 (1 available)
    250 – RPA12 - $10 (2 available)
    250 – FIG 8 - $10 (1 available)
    250 – SP12 - $10 (4 available)
    500 CB – Windjammer CB4118-12 - $9 (2 available)
    500 CB – 12S0/CB 2100-12 - $10

    Clips, Strippers & links:
    Enfield Chargers. 35 available. $3 each.
    M14/L1A1/FAL strippers. $1 each. 28 available.
    K98k stripper clips. WWII German = $2 each, 20 available. Turk brass one piece = $1, 9 available. Czech post war=$1 each, 10 available.

    Ammo Cans:
    M2A1 (.50 Cal.), 3 available, $15 each. M19A1 (.30 Cal.) 5 available, $10each. Used metal ammo cans with good seals and no internal rust to speak of. May possibly have a miniscule ding or two, and possibly some chipped paint on outside. Maybe even a minute spot of rust here or there. Basically VG+ used condition. These are USGI, not Chinese or Indian junk like you see at Costco or Wal-Mart!

    Payment options: Money Orders or Personal checks. Cash in the mail OK, but don’t recommend, however, the dozens of people that have done such, have been successful.
    Shipping disclaimer: I have no control over the shipper. If you want insurance, ask for shipping quote with. In other words, if you stuff is lost, do not ask me for a refund on items not insured. I will also only reimburse AFTER the shipper reimburses me, which usually takes your involvement and mine both. Nowadays some E-vendors are also not refunding lost merchandise if you decline to buy insurance. With this said, I have had no issues in the past with shipping. I am not a storefront, only a retiree offloading items I have little use of at this time, some at cost.
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            Bought some AMA M1 Garand ammunition. The prettiest ammo I have seen in years.


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              Thank you for the nice words.


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                              Are these items available?
                              German 1930’s brass s.S. Ball. 198gr. FMJ for $10 a box of 15 rounds in very good condition. Selling as collectable only.
                              German 1930’s & 40’s APT loose. $1 per round. AP $2 per round. Plenty available.
                              German 1930’s brass s.S. Ball. 198gr. FMJ. 50 rounds for $25.

                              If so I will take the following. 2 boxes of the top bullets at $10 a box $20
                              10 rounds of the APT and 10 rounds of the AP $30
                              I box of the bottom bullets for $25.

                              PM also sent

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                              I did not see this below message until just now as I am bumping my stuff. Never received the PM. This is why I state in the post to email me.
                              Yes, I have all of that available for you. Please email me.
                              [email protected]
                              I am also subscribed to this thread and did NOT get notified.