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Ammo and Reloading Components available for sale.

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    Ammo and Reloading Components available for sale.

    Ammo & Reloading Components available for sale as of 06/11/2021.

    SHIPPING is NOT included. FedEx starts at $10 Payment instructions; contact info and shipping disclaimer are at the end of the list. My email is [email protected] or call me at 602-517-8105, my name is Joe. Please DO NOT PM me! For some reason, I don't always get notifications.

    .22 LR:
    Remington Blue label “TARGET 22” (#6100), 40 Gr. 1150fps. $20 per 100 round plastic slip top box. Plenty available.
    CCI “Green Tag”. $20 per 100 round plastic slip top box. 9 available.

    1970’s Russian brass cased in 14 round boxes. $5 per box. Plenty available.

    9mm Luger:
    Czech 1950’s Nickel jacket steel core on model 23,25 Sub Gun strippers. Some slight patina. 40 round box, $35. 16 boxes available.

    9mm Largo:
    Spanish military 128gr, FMJ N/C. Mint condition 25 round boxes $14 each. Plenty available.

    9mm Steyr:
    8 rounds of Hornady FMJ. $8

    38 Special:
    Magtech 148gr. LWC. box of 40 rounds, $40.
    Rem-UMC+USGI 158 Grain FMJ. 87 rounds, some patina. $87.
    Winchester +P 158 Grain SWC hollow point. 28 rounds, $35.

    .45 ACP:
    Speer 230 Grain Lawman FMJ $35 per 50 round box. 10 available.

    .223 Remington/5.56x45mm:
    Fiocchi 5.56 M855 with C77 penetrator, 910 round sealed can on strippers with loader. $550.

    6.5X55 Swedish:
    Swedish wood bullet military blanks, 20¢ each. 20 per box or 200 per sealed battle pack.
    You can pull the wood bullet, charge with proper powder, and seat you own bullet.
    1980’s Swedish military Ball, $2 per round. 72 rounds available.

    243 Winchester:
    4 rounds R-P soft tip, $2

    257 Roberts +P:
    2 rounds W-W Super soft tip, $1

    7.62x39 Soviet:
    Chinese surplus Ball with STEEL CORE on strippers. $6 per 10 round stripper. Plenty available.

    7,62 x 51 NATO (.308 Winchester):
    Israeli grenade launching blanks 50¢ a piece, hundreds available.

    30-40 Krag:
    14 assorted (REM-UMC, WRA 31, WRACO) blanks for reinactors. $7.

    USGI M1909 blanks, 32 for $16.
    Korean M25 Tracer (KA 73). 22 rounds available for $4 apiece.
    Greek M25 Tracer. 50 rounds available. $3 apiece.

    8mm Kurz (7,92x33):
    East German 1960’s. $10 per 15 round box. 11 available.
    WWII German various headstamps. $1 per round.

    8x56R Steyr Mannlicher:
    Mint condition Bulgarian 1940’s brass cased, nickel 206 Gr. FMJ BT bullets with sealed primer. $1 per round. Hundreds available.
    Excellent condition 1938 boxed 10 rounds on clips with Swastika on headstamp. Gustloff-Werke Otto Eberhardt, Patronenfabrik Hirtenberg. 50 ten round boxes available. $20 per box.

    8x57mm JRS:
    5 RWS rounds for $3.

    8mm Mauser (7.92X57):
    German 1930’s brass s.S. Ball. 198gr. FMJ for $15 a box of 15 rounds. Selling as collectable only.
    Loose German late 1930’s & early 40’s s.S. & S.m.E. ball ammo, 50¢ per round. APT $1 per round. AP $2 per round. P.m.K. (API) $6 each. Plenty available.
    British 1940’s AP, $1.50 per round. 8 available.
    Romanian Ball, 130+ rounds available @ 75¢ a round..

    8mm Remington Magnum:
    9 rounds Remington Soft Point $15

    32-20 Winchester:
    4 nice factory rounds to shoot, $2

    .45-70 Government:
    Winchester 405 gr. SP. (safe for all rifles) one box of 20 $40.
    Remington 405 gr. SP. (safe for all rifles) box of 20 $40. 6 boxes available.

    .50 BMG;
    KS 43 (Allegheny Ordnance Plant)) linked AP in Excellent condition. $4 per round. 300 rounds available. Buy 105 rounds and get it in the original mint WWII metal ammo box.

    6mm Remington R-P fired brass. 63 pieces $15.
    38 Auto/38 Super. Mixed brass & nickel, NEW and once fired. 455 pieces, $90
    .220 Russian once fired made by Lapua. 33 pieces $15.
    30 Carbine NEW Remington. 200 pieces available, 25¢ apiece.
    30-40 Krag brass, NEW, Graf headstamp, made by Jamison. $35 per bag of 50. 4 available.
    Cal. .30 (30-06) LC 71 NM, NEW in sealed 20 round boxes. $15 per box. Many available.

    Lehigh Defense .308 High Velocity Controlled Chaos Copper 175gr Bullet. 39 pieces, $30.
    .308” FMJBT 147gr. magnetic with smooth cannelure. New. 25¢ apiece. 4,091 available.
    FN .308” AP. Cleaned, no paint, 150 Gr. Boat Tail $2 each. Plenty available.
    .400” 40 cal. Lead Extrusions brand 193gr plated. 135 available at 35¢ apiece.

    12 Ga. shot shell wads. Nice and pliable, stored indoors, most only a couple years old:
    250 – RPA12 - $5 (2 available)
    250 – SP12 - $8 (5 available)
    250 – 12S0 - $4 (2 available)
    500 CB – Windjammer CB4118-12 - $7 (2 available)
    500 CB – 12S0/CB 2100-12 - $7

    Steel Feed Strips for the Model 1914 Hotchkiss Machine gun. These hold 24 rounds of 8mm Lebel Ammunition. Price is for one feed strip. Original empty primed casings included. If you don’t want the casings, subtract $1 per 24 round strip.50 available. $5 each.
    SKS strippers, 17 available. $1 each.
    M1903 Springfield strippers. Steel $1 each. 10 available.
    Argentine Mauser Model 1909 Stripper Clips. Good looking condition, German and Argentine, all feature the correct smooth sides & are the upgrades of the early 1891 clips. For use in the 1891 and 1909 Mausers. 15 available. $2 each.Designed to hold 5 rounds of 7.65mm Mauser ammunition.
    Mosin stripper clips, brass. $1 each. 15 available.
    Dutch Mannlicher clips, $5 each, 5 available
    FREE M13 links. They have some surface rust here and there on most of them. You clean them with you wet or dry tumbler. 7,000+ available. I can put about 2000 in a USPS Large Flat Rate box for $25.

    M19A1 used metal ammo cans with good seals and NO internal rust. May possibly have a ding or two, and possibly some chipped paint on outside. Maybe even a minute spot of rust here or there. Basically VG+ used condition for $10 each.

    Payment options: Money Orders or Personal checks. Cash in the mail OK, but don’t recommend, however, the two dozen people that have done such, have been successful.
    Shipping disclaimer: I have no control over the shipper. If you want insurance, ask for shipping quote with. In other words, if you stuff is lost, do not ask me for a refund on items not insured. I will also only reimburse AFTER the shipper reimburses me, which usually takes your involvement and mine both. Nowadays some E-vendors are also not refunding lost merchandise if you decline to buy insurance. With this said, I have had no issues in the past with shipping. I am not a storefront, only a retiree offloading items I have little use of at this time, some at cost.
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            Bought some AMA M1 Garand ammunition. The prettiest ammo I have seen in years.


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              Thank you for the nice words.


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                              Are these items available?
                              German 1930’s brass s.S. Ball. 198gr. FMJ for $10 a box of 15 rounds in very good condition. Selling as collectable only.
                              German 1930’s & 40’s APT loose. $1 per round. AP $2 per round. Plenty available.
                              German 1930’s brass s.S. Ball. 198gr. FMJ. 50 rounds for $25.

                              If so I will take the following. 2 boxes of the top bullets at $10 a box $20
                              10 rounds of the APT and 10 rounds of the AP $30
                              I box of the bottom bullets for $25.

                              PM also sent