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Change of pace with a little stainless

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    Change of pace with a little stainless

    The Fall season brings out a hankering for yesteryear. Photo is of my Ruger Vaquero and Taurus Thunderbolt, both stainless and in 45 Colt.

    Click image for larger version

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    I like that Vaquero. Single action revolvers are fun to shoot.


      I really enjoy the 45 Colt. Not much chance of anything getting away if used within range.


        Have you encountered any reliability problems with the Taurus. Always wanted a Colt Lightning clone. I read that some of the clones have functioning problems.


          Only have a few hundred rnds through the Thunder, no problems so far. I do keep it , as all my firearms well cleaned and lubed.


            I made a firing pin years ago, for a Colt Lightning in 38-40 caliber, very difficult to take apart and reassemble,. My friend has a Colt Lightning Express in 45-85-285 caliber which was the 45-70 loaded to a higher velocity. On the originals the 45 Colt cartridge was never offered as the original 45 Colt had a very thin rim and did have reliable extraction (same for Winchesters). When the US Army & USMC adopted the Colt 1909 revolver they also adopted the US Govt Model 1909 45 Colt cartridge which had the rim enlarged about .030 inch to provide better extraction to this double action revolver.

            I still have problems today with my S&W Model 25 in 45 Colt extracting all the empty cartridges as every once in a while one empty will hang up. The newer 45 Colt cartridge is better for the new repro rifles and carbines Click image for larger version

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            photos show the original 45 Colt and S&W, original black powder 45 Colt and the Colt Model 1909 cartridge