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Mauser 1896 pistol

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    I have a Mauser made in the 30's. Fun as hell to shoot and always a conversation piece at the range. The barrel is a little tired. There is a guy in WA state who'll bore out and reline the C96 barrels for about $250 last time I checked. I need to get mine relined. I also have the stock for mine. Funny thing here in the PRK--I can OWN both, the pistol and shoulder stock, BUT, if I assemble the 2 together--instant FELONY!!! It's now a SBR. Go figure.


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      There was and I think still is a company in Calif, that imported the selective fire Mauser Schnellfeuer Model 712 pistol. They CNC machined a new lower semi auto frame also made to take both the ten round and twenty round Mauser box magazine. The upper barrel and extension was in 7,63mm but the bores were not that good, some were bored out to 9mm, I remember full page ads in Shotgun News showing these pistols, they were neat but no collector value