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    Enfield Pair

    Just felt like posting up a couple of the SMLEs in the collection. Both are BSA manufacture rifles. The black 303 rifle is a 1917 ( to go with the movie) and the other is a 1912 22LR trainer.
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    This is another side view of the 1917 and then the 22 LR trainer together. All following pics are of the 22.
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      22 trainer
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        More 1912 22LR
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          I have always been interested in the early Mark 1 and ConD marked Lee Enfields. Most or i should say about 99 % of the Mark 1*** rifles are from the Irish imports and all have the second serial number with the prefix CR, ER or G that are found in the USA. I was able to find a nice BSA Mark 1*** 1906 still with original markings and condition.

          Photos show Mark 1*** and Cond ii* rifle Click image for larger version

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            The Mark 1 rifle series used the Pattern 1903 bayonet and some modified Pattern 1888 bayonets. The Mark III used the long sword type bayonet much like our US 1905 bayonet.

            Indian troops favored the Pattern 1903 bayonet even after being issued the Mark III rifles Click image for larger version

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              Just realized that I posted the wrong bayonet in the top photos, it is a Mauser bayonet for a South American Mauser !

              The bottom photo is the Pattern 1903 bayonet plus the photos I am going to post of the Pattern 1903 bayonet Click image for larger version

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                Thanks for posting up RCS. I need to acquire a bayonet for mine one day. Just trying to find one that won’t break the paycheck haha!


                  You should be able to find a Pattern 1907 dated around 1917 or 18 if you shop around. My friend found a 1907 Wilkinson with the hooked quillon for me at a remote gun show in northern Wisconsin about twenty years ago, it was mixed-in with some Japanese bayonets. Now I see that Joe Salter has a hooked quillon for sale for $1800.00 and SARCO has the repros alot cheaper. Photos show the Wilkinson and a 1915 dated Sanderson. The hooked quillon was discontinued around 1914 and the older ones had the hook removed - so an original is rare. Click image for larger version

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