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03A3 out for a spin.

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    03A3 out for a spin.

    Enjoyed shooting a new to me 03A3 yesterday and learned something I have been harping on for years. Always completely break down, clean , lube and put back together before shooting.
    Somehow I missed the boat with this rifle. Rifle shot great putting about 50 rnds down range. I carried it in on the sling over my shoulder, leaned it against the wall in my workshop to cool before cleaning. Well, I was sitting at the computer when the wife came in and wanted to know what the heck I had gotten into that was all over the right side rear of my T-shirt. Didn't take long to figure out that the cosmoline in the rifle had warmed and run out onto the stock. Another lesson learned. This old dog really needs to learn a few new tricks.

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    Very funny about the cosmoline. 🤣🤣 Don’t worry about the shirt, it will buff out haha! Very pretty 03 though. I have new wood coming for mine this week, and then off to get refinished in a week or two and she will be like new again.