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    Found this carbine

    Found in a lady’s vault is a M-1 Carbine S/N 608495 that has the push/pull safety and early sights and no bayonet mount. Is it worth $500?

    Tell her I will give her $1500 for it. If it has authentic original parts and no import marks it is worth a lot more than what I offered.
    FYI, I just sold an Inland carbine s/n 9xx,xxx that was rebuilt for $1200.00. It had adjustable rear sight, flip safety, and type III band with bayonet lug.
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    Looking for SA bayonets 922033 & 1045220


      No import marks that I could find. It now sitting in a different vault. It was her father’s stuff who passed away. He collected his stuff many years ago.


        If the rear sight is adjustable and makes it difficult to read the maker, it has been refurbed in it's life. The lack of type III bayonet lug tells me otherwise.

        That said, that serial should put it in the first number batch for Inland which would make it's original issue in WWII with an I-holed high wood (possibly low wood or interim mod to low wood...forgetting offhand when that happened) stock, flip rear sight, skinny type I barrel band among other things like the push-pull safety.

        You'll want to look for markings that the receiver was made for them by a subcontractor like Auto Ordinance or they did it themselves in house. Forgetting offhand what serial blocks used subcontractor receivers and when the separate recoil spring housing was done away with. That low a number might have the original separate recoil spring housing, but don't quote me on it.
        My Craig Reisch book is MIA at the moment and lays that out. Also, don't freak out if the barrel is made by Underwood as I seem to recall they used them as a subcontractor for them at one point. Might be remembering wrong.

        A few years back, a minty Inland that has never been refurbed or molested went for over $2k according to the 35th Blue Book, but that's pretty outdated and assumes 100% condition.

        You really should join the Carbine Collectors Club ( and submit a data sheet for it after asking some starting questions. They are really nice guys, and much like here, REALLY like photos when you ask questions if applicable. They can point you the right way for certain sure. In the meanwhile, keep it in a nice safe location and let it snooze. Once you sort out exactly what you have, they should be able to steer you towards a current value and precisely what you have in hand.

        Also, do yourself a favour and get a current Blue Book, and at LEAST the aforementioned Craig Reisch book on the Carbine ( to get you started on what to look for. Always good to have either handy, especially if you collect Carbines if not just firearms in general. I really need to update my Blue Book myself (slacker). The Reisch book has a few known errors in it, but it gets you on the path. The Carbine Collectors have a thread on the errors/fixes.There's always War Baby too.

        Keep us posted. Would be interesting to see where you end up with it. Sounds like it will be promising.