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    Iver Johnson in Stainless

    First post here. Joined as this seemed to be the most frequented site for M1's.

    I have the opportunity to purchase a stainless steel Iver Johnson M1 Carbine from an estate sale that an acquaintance is piecing out. As the previous owner is departed, I have no idea as to the functionality of the carbine. It is located across the country and all I can go on is the description. I'm told it's about as mint as it can get (which may mean it doesn't fire). I'm not sure if there are any magazines with it, which I guess is not a big deal as I can a KCI easily. It may or may not come with a second stock, a paratrooper model of unknown provenance. My idea is to purchase it as a shooter and not a safe queen.

    The asking price is around $400 which seems like a great deal (I think) for a repro.

    I spent about 6 or 7 hours yesterday, looking for as much info as I could find (only found out about the availability of this firearm yesterday) but I'm not finding too much about the IJ models and next to nothing on the stainless versions. I've viewed about a dozen YT videos. I've seen some articles about some repros of many brands being out of spec in certain areas, especially around the trigger group and magazine well, causing wobbly magazines and failures to feed. Some articles suggested staying away from certain brands, but again I've not found much info about the IJ models. This would be a range toy and not a defensive rifle (unless I could prove its reliability).

    So, does $400 for the above sound like a good deal? Are Iver Johnson repros typically good to go in terms of reliability? What about their stainless steel models? If I did run into parts with poor tolerances, are stainless replacements available (for a reasonable price....I'd prefer to not have a mismatched, blued, parkerized, stainless rifle if possible)? Any other info you could provide good or bad would be appreciated. Most likely, the rifle would be set aside for me over the next few days.

    Thanks in advance,


    Well he picked it up for me, so I guess it's mine. No mag included, but no biggie. He says it doesn't look like it's ever been fired. Anything I need to know from my post above?
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      Iver Johnson bought Plainfield


        Thank you for the links! Any idea as to value?


          Originally posted by andygold View Post
          Any idea as to value?
          No, But I'm sure you know they are worth less than a USGI M1 Carbine. If the one you purchased has no problems, then you made a good deal.


            Those are cool to me. I don't think they have a high value, definitely not conparet to a USGI Carbine but the cool value is pretty sweet as far as I'm concerned. As far as replacement parts I wouldn't think too many exist, but you could always have some blued parts brushed then matte nickel plated. Congrats on getting it!