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Auto Ordinance M1 Carbine

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    Auto Ordinance M1 Carbine

    Found out the wife likes the Carbine. I got rid of mine since we live in the "peoples state of repression".
    Does anyone have any experience with the Auto Ordinance rifles?
    I suppose I could get one with a 10 rnd magazine, or better, wait till we get out of the northeast zone of madness.

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    I’ve got one, it’s a good shooter. Had a couple minor issues when I first bought it with light strikes and sent it back to AO for repairs. They sent it back and it runs fine. Be careful with mags though. It seems picks but luckily the 10 rounder that came with mine runs flawless. Also as odd as it sounds, it loves steel case ammo. It runs brass just fine though so if you’re against steel cased don’t worry. Pick one up, the wife will enjoy it.