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Hightest serial for Inland

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    Hightest serial for Inland

    Anyone know what the highest serial number is for an Inland M1 carbine not a M2?
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    According to the Craig Riesch book"U.S. M1 Carbines, Wartime Production", Inland had these serial blocks:
    4,879,526-5,549,921 ; 6,219,689-6,449,867 ; 6,629,884-7,234,883 ; 7,369,661-8,069,660.
    That said, when the war ended, they were in the 7-million range. No carbines were manufactured in the 8-million range.
    Commercial Controls delivered 239 carbines that may have been within the latter part of that last block in July 1944.
    Production records for 1945 are incomplete, so the total production figure for all Inland models is 2,625,000.
    Of that, 2,084,189 were M1, 140,000 were M1A, estimated 400,000 were M2, 811 were T3(M3).
    Hope this helps.