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M5A1 bayonet

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    M5A1 bayonet

    I have a 1952 SA M1 garand, 1953 barrel. would the M1 bayonet be correct or a M5a1, and if M5A1 bayonet, which M8A1 scabbard would be correct?

    The M5 bayonet was adopted July 30,1953. Contracts were awarded in first half of 1954. The M5A1 was an improved version that came later. Victory Plastics Co. Dover N.H. was awarded a contract for 80,000 M8A1 scabbards in 1954 they are marked V.P.CO. Also Beckwith Mfg. made scabbards they are marked B.M.CO. Victory Plastics was a subsidiary of Beckwith Mfg. Co. The M1 Bayonet was the issue bayonet during the Korean war. In fact its been reported that Utica Cutlery had a contract to produce 75,000 M1 bayonets during 1952-53.


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