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    Closing Office

    25 Oct 16
    Theodore, Al

    Starting four years ago, I got off to a very rocky start with advice on equipment and cost projections which weren’t correct. Proved my ignorance by buying machines we could not use and spent many dollars that proved unproductive.
    Enter Charlie Sprock, he impressed me for the start with his candor and speaking it like it was, a man whose experience and knowledge could produce the quality rifles I wanted. I had already purchased Master Cam and his prior expertise was with Solid Works but he was able to get up to speed and work through the transition in a timely manner. The CNC machine I had previously purchased proved to be of no value, so we replaced it with a new Hass VF2.
    Next was the tombstone, Satterfield fulfilled that requirement for us. The 8620 hammer forging mold had already been designed and paid for to include 534 billets. Then Charlie had a 3D print of his program proving the program he had written.
    Next to arrive was Joseph Covington. He was a young man I purchased a pick-up truck from. He started out as someone to take care of the facility and general maintenance but Charlie soon saw the potential he demonstrated to be a machinist. The both of them have worked over the next 3 years developing Joseph knowledge and understanding to the point Joseph was able to relieve Charlie to focus on writing more programs to fulfill the desires of the customers.
    My M1 was replaced with a M14 because they were the latest and greatest the military wanted to be armed with until Mr McNamara became Sectary of Defense. I used the M14 in Viet Nam and though I knew the rifle. Needless to say I have learned aspects and simple functions of the design of the rifle to degrees that I never knew existed until this undertaking. Ted Brown not only possessed that knowledge but was willing to freely share that knowledge with us.
    Ted gave us advise on the blueprint interpretation and the marriage of the entire rifle parts with relating to the receiver we were building. His knowledge and advice has been an invaluable asset to the quality we sought and were able to achieve. He is building my personal rifle.
    I have met many valuable friend and established relationships with men that I will cherish for life. Done business with men I never met, in person, which proved to me men of their word. Leaders which put together group buys which Charlie and Joseph were able to fulfill.
    All of our orders have been fulfilled. Deposits made and eternities waited for a batch to be milled, then sent off to heat treating, magna-fluxing, finishing, returned and inspected prior to shipping to patient customers.
    Faye McIntosh has been the woman in the middle of all this. She has been procurement for machine consumables, packing material, inventorying, bookkeeper, order taker, accounts receivable, and keeper of the ATF paperwork.
    The ATF has been most helpful in my application and approval of a series 7 license. Thorough but fair with their inspections, Brian and Mona notably. Even Sacramento was enjoyable to work with.
    I’m the genesis of this entire venture; thinking long and hard before I committed, I felt confident about the numbers of orders we would receive and those sales sustaining the operation; however, I was mistaken. Initial demands were worthy of what we could produce. Charlie continued to improve the receiver and to produce the cross rifles, Marine Corps emblem, cross canons, ranger tab and shoulder patches.
    Much money has been building and sustaining the operation. It has been worth every cent for what I have learned and the relationships I have made, many will live on.
    I have made the decision to close the operation. This after all orders have been fulfilled and we have shipped every receiver ordered. I still have roughly 40 receivers to offer and will sale these off to first come first serve.
    Thank you one and all for your support and what each of you have offered to the success we achieved during this undertaking. “Nothing but X’s”

    I am very sorry to hear this, and this is a devastating blow to the M14 world even if it may not appear so to some casual onlookers. A few other receiver manufacturers have come and gone and we in thr M14 community have pretty much said good riddance or have not paid much mind, but I must say I have only heard great things about your work and product. I have only seen pictures but I was initially very impressed, especially with the detail and options of the heelstamp which I am obsessively critical, but unfortunately I have not been able to be in a real position to buy a new receiver yet, and I would say the same is even more true for others. In fact, I recently have sold off 7 of my M14s to upgrade the remaining 2 that I kept. Both kept models being SAI Inc. rifles, at a point soon in time looking to possibly undertake a full rebuild for one of them I might even look for a new receiver and replace it, so I am very sad to hear this news. I harbor a loathing resentment for having to sell off my collection to continue improving and working on my rifles, I have taken a substantial pay cut years ago just to keep working. This economy is $hit.
    I read your statement of closing with great sorrow, however you know what you need to do and I wholeheartedly wish you the best. Thank you for the good you have done.
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      Yes we have closed the shop and I have moved on. I have a friend who owns a machine shop and I am developing / making AR15 receivers for him, working on the uppers right now.
      GWLA still has receivers in stock that are for sale, call Faye.
      It has been a pleasure making receivers for y'all.
      If anybody has a question about their receiver you can call me, weekend and Fridays please, I work 4-10's now 850-259-4129

      See y'all later Charlie