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TRW M14 in 5,56mm

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    TRW M14 in 5,56mm

    There are photos around of the factory TRW production M14 converted to use the 5,56mm cartridge and M16 twenty round magazine, this being an attempt to salvage something for TRW.

    I wonder if anyone has built-up a receiver chambered for the 5,56mm ? turning a 224 barrel to the M14 profile would not be difficult and the conversion to use the M16 with a spacer would work out unless you wanted an AK74 magazine in 5,45x39mm which would fit better. The bolt face could be modified with an insert like the Lee Enfield No 4 conversions to 5.56mm or other methods could be used.

    Might be an interesting project

    I'd love to see those photos......any idea where they are?
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      Photos are in the book;;The Black Rifle M16 Retrospective;; Blake Stevens & Edward C. Ezell

      pages 117 & 118

    photos of the TRW M14 conversions to fire the 5,65mm are in the book - The Black Rifle, M16 Retrospective by Blake Stevens and Edward Ezell pages 117 and 118


      Next door search for GarandDoctor, ArmsCorp back in the day made a very small batch of 5.56 receivers (10). I spoke with Cmdr. Ruple and had the details of his build. He overcame the mag issue by using the M14 mag as a outside sleeve with a 20rd Ar mag inside, the bolt face was reduced and the extractor was extended/machined too meet the 5.56 case rim. Both 5.56 and 7.62 operate at the same pressures but there is a little less of it with the smaller case so the G/P was made a wee little larger too help it out with 55gn ammo.

      ‚ÄčI know of another person that is doing a similar M14/M1A project, I'm sworn too secrecy and can't name name's but if it gets pulled off you might be able too collect the parts (barrel/bolt) and build your own....