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Finally nailed a perfect receiver bedding job!

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    Finally nailed a perfect receiver bedding job!

    SAI receiver in a Boyd's stock. Marine Tex bedding compound was used.

    I bedded it on Sunday but I ran out of bedding compound and had huge air pockets! I roughed up the surfaces and filled in the voids and laid a fresh top layer of bedding compound. Now I just need to clean up the excess. You can literally see every machining mark from the receiver.


    That looks real nice, my friend!!!
    Love how you can see the writing from the underside of the SAI receiver in the skim on top.....and look at those machining marks!!! Just awesome!!!
    Your bedding rifles and I'm building websites.......I'll trade ya???
    Welcome to the Addiction!


      You have too supply your own rifle and stock, this one is MINE.... After I shoot it and give Tony a much needed break cause I'm a slave driver cracking the whip on the poor man if he is up too it he can do the M1..


        Well done Tony. I don't know who taught you to do the front that way, but glad to see it. That will be a good shooter I would guess, given a decent barrel and ammo.

        The rational from all the old time armorers is not to bed any anti-recoil lug surfaces, to which I argued to the end was wrong, even with Gus.

        The front of the legs are anti-recoil and so is the front of the receiver, yet the same armorers that were proponents of no anti-recoil bedding on rear lug units, would bed these same areas.

        Makes absolutely no sense at all. I bed the front, sides, back, and bottom of the rear lug units. For lack of a better word, call it perfection in precision shooting battle rifles when I am done with them. I also bed the entire front end of my receivers, even higher than your pics, with much care taken to dam it up to maximum height and contact and wrap right up to and around the barrel with little clearance for the barrel. I'm also glad to see you bedding the entire area from the front of the heel where it straightens out, to the rear of the wings. When I first did it, everyone told me it was wrong to do so and a gap of light should come through. Targets and match scores told a different story though. Now the big teams are bedding the entire area as well.

        If people would think about it, they would see that the only thing stopping the receiver from moving rearward in a stock is the back of the legs, the only thing stopping it from moving forward is the front of the legs and the receiver front. A good bedding job that will last for years with no skimming, is one that is done like yours. It will last even longer if the gas system is unlocked and slid forward for every cleaning, and the receiver dropped or beaten straight down and out of the stock evenly and level with the barrel plane.

        Don't forget to clearance for the firing pin tail at rear most travel. Again, well done. I am impressed.


          That is a nice job Tony!