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T44 projects continuing.

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    T44 projects continuing.

    Nice rainy day to work in the shop on a couple of my T44 projects. Received 2 T44 stocks from Dupage and decided they would be a nice home for them. T44 receivers are from Bula Defense Systems a couple of years ago. Built these two up using I each USGI SA and Winchester kits including barrels, bolts, oprods, trigger groups and other assorted small parts that came with the kits so they are close to complete for each mfg.

    Removed all hardware from the stocks, sanded lightly and covered both with 2 coats of 50-50 BLO and paint thinner. Rubbed in for 3 days and sanded with 400 grit before complete drying. Set another day and sanded with 600 grit to complete the desired look and feel.

    Fitted the stock liners to the receiver legs this morning. Hope to get the hardware back on the stocks today and pop the rifles into their new wood.

    Liner fitting:

    1. Shows that the liners will not fit down on receiver legs.

    2. Removing material from front of stock liner to fit.

    3. Fitted liner should sit completely down on leg with some pressure for a tight fit.

    4. Application of 40/40 bluing and then oiling completes the liners for stock re-assembly.

    5. Stock waiting assemble after finishing with BLO.

    Click image for larger version

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    Nice project and nice that Du Page is manufacturing the T44 stock. I built my repro many years ago and used an original T44 stock. i understand originals are around $750 if you can find one ! Also
    found original M14 wood handguards were were to well used and cracked (and paper thin) to be of any use. Also spent hours removing wood from a repro wood handguard and still did not like it, so
    used a slotted handguard. Found some early internal parts and a nice SA 1-60 barrel which Mr Beaver installed. Rifle has excellent groups at 100 yards but more of a collector repro than shooter Click image for larger version

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      Very nice. Barrel on mine is SA 4-60. Good enough for me. Rgr on not being one of my main shooters. Wood handguards have never been high on my list. The two I am working on will have wood guards for now, but I have already fitted fiberglass. Miss the selector cutout on these. I have a T44 type conector rod that Hawk made up for me.

      This one has gone together like a dream.

      Click image for larger version

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        Nice looking stocks, use to deluxe figured wood from the salvage yard but they all had season cracks,

        On the few T44 stocks that I have seen, all had a recess on the top screw hole. My photo shows a
        T44 stock on the left side.

        Years ago Bill Ricca had some aluminum butt plates which may or may not have been correct, but were neat Click image for larger version

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          Never been a fan of correct anything. The utilitarian value is most appreciated in my herd.
          Bill had some amazing stuff over the years.