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My Fulton Armory M14

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    My Fulton Armory M14

    I have had this M14 for 5 or 6 years. It is a combination of HR and Fulton Armory parts. It is only capable of semi auto fire even though it has a Selector switch, which the receiver hasn't anything inside to activate. The scope is one of the original Sniper scopes verified by a Vietnam Sniper. It has the Grenade launcher switch and bayonet lug. The stock has the P proof mark and the Eagle w/ 3 stars. Took picture of receiver in poor light with my phone. Click image for larger version

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    H-R 7790190 7-61-L BARREL
    7790186 HRT A07 KB BOLT
    7267030-HR-N Trigger Housing
    7267064 HRA OP ROD
    SAVAGE,MD on right side of receiver

    Nice looking rifle, nice parts. Any accurizing work done to it? Yours has a better, cleaner heel stamping than my Fulton had. They make a great receiver.


      Thank you. No, except the trigger isn't stock. The Op rod has NM on it. I am not sure if it means National Match in this case?? It has only had five rounds thru it by my son-in-law, at close range, and it was a tight group. He shot it without the scope mounted.