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    XM16 furniture

    I got this sometime ago (salvage yard) and forgot about it. found it again and took some photos.

    Note the original brown was painted over in a flat green color, then pained over in black. Handguards in nice condition without any missing teeth Click image for larger version

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    Robert is this the furniture that was used in the first Air Force contact?


      Rich, I don't know, very early, I did find a CAR-15 or maybe a XM607 stock among these parts. This is the early sliding stock with the buffer tube on top and the mechanism on the
      bottom in the smaller tube. There were repro XM607 stocks manufactured in Texas around 2013 which I also bought one for some internal parts to complete my example. Years ago,
      I use to tell my friends to buy the early M16 parts as nobody is interested (examples: triangle chargers, early bolt hold opens, sights, waffle magazines etc)


        here is a photo of the locking lever, this locks the stock in either open or closed position. The repro lever from the kit made in Texas was too small. I had to make a larger lever to fit this stock in the correct configuration. I guess you restore M1 rifles but M16/AR15 is retro ? Click image for larger version

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          photo of the early stock which is installed on a Colt semi auto SP1 Click image for larger version

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            You should just send me that old beat up no good furniture and I will take care of it for you


              Click image for larger version

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ID:	31719 Besides picking-up early furniture years ago, I was always looking for early parts at the gun shows - and sometimes easy to find too as some shooters wanted to up grade their Colt SP1 rifles and the salvage yard parts from dealers always had the early stuff. Even years ago some parts were difficult to find such as the steel gas tubes, early bolt lock and waffle mags, but I found them. Click image for larger version

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                I am drooling!!!


                  Thank you for posting the photos. Nice collection of early parts. I knew the sliding butt stock existed but never saw one.
                  What can you tell us about double mag pouch in your photo? I have two like it. One marked 011 on flap and appears made of an oil cloth material. The other one is marked 7 and appears made of a rubberized canvass material. Both have post and snap closures. Oil cloth pouch snaps are unmarked. Rubberized pouch snaps are marked LIFT THE DOT. I purchased them years ago off the internet. Seller listed them as early Air Force M16 20 round mag pouches.


                    I believe there are two or three variations of the material used in these early double magazine pouches. Tom in NJ did post some Air Force guards in Viet Nam with the four pocket pouch on this forum some years ago. The Air Force carried them on their belt upside down. the Special Forces had them too.

                    The early sliding butt stock was designed by a Colt engineer who also worked on the belt fed AR-15. I find it difficult to really tell the difference between the CAR-15 and XM607 stocks. My early stock was among the early hand guards, so I know it is original from military salvage yard.

                    There was a variety of different pouches used until the 30rd magazine entered service, here is a photo of the WW2/Korean BAR magazine belt being used in combat Click image for larger version

Name:	p1010018_0012.jpg
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                      I found a early photo of the sliding stock variation Click image for larger version

Name:	p1010005_0006.jpg
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                        Guns and Ammo magazine July 1965 issue " AR15 Weapons System" covers the CAR-15 SMG along with photos. Article covers many other variants of the AR15 including the AR-15 Survival Rifle and the belt feed CAR-15 Heavy Assault Rifle M-2.


                          I bought the book "The Black Rifle" years ago, it jumps around on different subjects, but still the best reference.

                          I think the most difficult early part to find is the early bolt catch, the reason is that after years looking, only found two of them. These were also salvage yard items. I have seen photos of the repros or retro bolt catches but still not the same. I trade one to a friend years ago and put the other in a four digit Colt SP1 so I knew where to find it Click image for larger version

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                            This is a good site for info ............................


                              The retroblackrifle web site is good, but on the Colt 606, they are unable to provide much information. I bought my Colt 606 upper at a gunshow, the dealer had several 606 uppers that were imported from Canada years ago. The full auto lowers stayed in Canada. Introduced around 1970-71, four variations and first heavy barreled Colt (1in 12). I shot mine 606 upper on a SP1 semi auto from 1974,nothing special on targets but a collectors item Click image for larger version

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