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Enjoying a day shooting on my range.

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    Enjoying a day shooting on my range.

    Just for my own curiosity I took a range box, 100 rnds I used to use in one of my precision bolt guns in .308.. RA 69 brass trimmed to 2.0 loaded with 41.4 gr of 4064 under a 168 gr SMK set off with 210M primer. I wanted to compare this heavier load in USGI brass to what I normally shoot in my tricked out M14s just for the halibut. Not surprising, the group was 1" at 100 yds as compared to my normal .75" using DAG brass, Tula primers , 136gr fb bullets over 45 gn of Varget. Shot 50 rnds , cleaned the rifle, shot another 30 rnds to warm things up again and shot this 10 rnd target. Fun aiming once you shoot out the center. I shot off my portable bench running 2 to 5 seconds between shots out of a mag so things stayed hot. So, my conclusion, at least for my shooting, the change in ammo makes a 25% more accurate system using the lighter flat based bullets in berdan brass with Varget. Whatta Hobby!
    Rifle is built using a Bula Defense Systems XM21 version 1 receiver ser#3, Bula ultra heavy barrel 1-10 22" with custom gas cylinder and muzzle brake, ,Bula bolt, Bula op rod Bula trigger group with Shooting sight lightened hammer and adjustable trigger. JAE Gen III chassis, Atlas bipod, Accu shot monopod. Scope is a Night Force ATACR 5-25x56 F1 mounted with NF 6 screw rings. Rifle is my second 10 dot build. Not quite as accurate as my 6.5 Creedmoor.

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