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pre 223/5,56 mm cartridges

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  • pre 223/5,56 mm cartridges

    Winchester had developed the 224 cartridge, then the 224E1 but still need a better example and developed the 224E2. Winchester had a wood and steel rifle that was very lightweight. Stoner and Armalite took the 222 Remington and made it longer with a different shoulder. Sierra helped with the bullet design. It was called the 222 Remington Special. Both the Winchester 224E2 and the Armalite 222 Remington Special had to punch through a steel helmet at 500 yards, they did it. As the testing continued, Winchester decided not to invest anymore into this project (they also got a contract to manufacture M14 rifles). The Winchester 224E2 could be fired in the AR-15 but the 222 Remington Special was too long to chamber.

    First photo shows 224E2 and 222REM SPECIAL 2nd photo shows WCC 58 and 222REM and third photo shows a 4,85x49mm that the UK wanted for their SA80 rifle
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    I find the 5.56 NATO an interesting cartridge. The 223 in bolt rifles makes an interesting varmint cartridge, I prefer rifles with the 1 in 12 twist with 40 grain pill while the 5.56 in self loaders I prefer a 62 to 68 grain with the 1 in 7 twist.


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      The original 1 in 12 twist was designed for 55 gr bullets, before that they tried a 1 in 14 twist which did not work out


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        I find the cartridge works well for combat purposes with the heavier projectiles with fast twists and very well for varmints with 40gr pills with the 1 in 12. I prefer the higher velocities with the lighter pill to reduce trajectory and TIF for popping crows and chucks


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          Years ago the factory 220 Swift was loaded with a 40 gr bullet at over 4100 FPS, sometimes handloaders would use different lightweight bullets that would explode in a puff of smoke at around 200 yards because of the bullet construction and velocity


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            I've had similar issues. My 223 which is a heavy barreled Howa 1500 kit rifle, (you may not know this but the Howa 1500 is sold as the Weatherly Vanguard) pops out a 40gr Hornady VMAX at 3900 FPS. However I have a Remington 700 BDL in 6mm Remington that pops out a 75gr Hornady VMAX at 3900 FPS I was shooting a few years back and it stared to rain and my son told me he thought the bullets were exploding out at 50 yards. I had him take a shot and he was right. I have not shot the 223 in the rain but I suspect the same.