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Hello from Roswell, Georgia

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    Hello from Roswell, Georgia

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick introduction as I recognize many from the M14forum.

    I am a father of two and love my weapons, hunting, fishing, reloading and many other outdoor activities. I am hopelessly hooked on M14's and have educated myself on that system and done several builds. Many know I love to make the USGI Wood come to life and have done hundreds of stock refinishes over the years. I will include pics of some of my favorites below (mostly M14's) but I am getting started on a beautiful M1 Tiger Stripe today.

    I joined because I know many here, but (considering I know a fair amount about M14's) I know very little about the M1 - so I am hopeful to learn from all of you on this forum.

    I do have a M1 and M1 Carbine that belonged to my grandfather, then were given to my dad and when I lost my dad in 2010 they became mine (as it should be). I will get some pictures posted up so you all can help educate me on this M1 that has been in my family for a long time! I know - I will use the search function and learn from information you guys have already posted as well as use the available reference material on the site.

    Here are a few pics of stocks and builds that are in my personal collection.

    Enjoy - M1Army

    My marbilized Big Red Winchester

    My first M14 Build - JRA with the 19.25" barrel - I built this one for my son who is an Infantry Recon officer PL in the Army

    A few others...

    My M14E2

    My hunting rifle - JRA 19.25" in one of my M1Army Hardened Big Red Stocks - did a gap camo pattern with Alima Hyde II Epoxy paint

    Hey Wes!!
    Thanks for stopping by and signing up......great to see another familiar screen name here!!
    For those of you unfamiliar with Wes, he does some AMAZING stock refinishing as can be see by his equally AMAZING photography.
    Looking forward to your contributions, Sir!!
    Welcome to the Addiction!


      Hello, Wes! It is great to have you in with us here! Looking forward to seeing you around.


        Wow, those stocks are insane. Welcome aboard, Wes!


          Welcome to the forum from one who is a newby himself! Your photographs are gorgeous. The rifles and stocks ... anyone would be proud to own them.