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    Hello from NC

    Hey there folks. Was struck with Garanditis a few years back and can't seem to shake it. Always learning something new and hope to help others with what (relatively) little I know along the way.

    My latest / about to start project ... Stock cleaning, steaming, and refinishing projects. I recently purchased a couple beater stocks to work with so I'll have to try and do pics along the way and share my experiences. Not new at all to some of you but for the new folks it's always good to see and read experiences of others so I hope to contribute mine for their benefit. That's how I got to this point and my quest to replace some CMP wood with USGI wood. And my thanks to those who have shared their experiences and methods on other forums ... You know who you are . And we all love the "eye candy"

    Thanks for having me!


    Hey Mike,
    Welcome aboard!!
    Great that you stopped by and signed up, and we're happy to have you here for sure.
    I'm looking very much forward to seeing your stock refinishing projects and hope that you'll share your experiences here for others to learn from, like you said. That would be great!
    Welcome again!!
    Cheers from NJ.
    Welcome to the Addiction!



      So what type of Garand's do you have? SA, Winchester, H&R or IHCs?


        Welcome in mike59!


          Thanks for the welcome folks!

          OldGD - all of the above. 1 WRA and IHC, multiple SA and HRA including an M1D
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