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    Hello from Michigan

    I'm Steve in Pinckney, MI. Originally from Livonia, MI I lived out in Phoenix for 12 years. When I was out there I lived on Deer Valley Rd right by the I-17 so Ben Avery was about 10 mins away and I shot there a lot. The CMP did their Western Games there one year and I was able to attend several of their free classes. In the M1 Garand class I sat right behind the legend, R. Lee Irmey, "The Gunny" himself! I watched him shoot with Dennis Demillo of Creedmoor Sports and gave him $40 towards a fundraising program he was running called M1's For Vets where he got disabled vets into shooting Garands. He autographed 2 copies of Creedmoor Sports catalog that year, one for me and one to give to a Marine buddy I had (he's a Marine, I am not).

    While I was there the CMP brought a truckload of Garands out and I looked through them all and consulted with a CMP representative about which one would be a good choice. He was very helpful and told me that the HRA Service grades were very nice for the price and that they were starting to run low on them. We found a really cool one that looked nice and he said would be a good choice. There was something about the rear sight he didn't like so he jumped in the trailer and rebuilt it on the spot and it came out sweet.

    I wasn't a CMP member at the time so they put a tag on the rifle and gave me the receipt for it so I could do everything I needed to do to qualify to purchase the rifle. A few months later that exact rifle was fed-exed to my door and I began my journey with "The greatest battle implement ever devised"!

    I got Canfield's book and another book on "Accurizing The M1 Garand" and starting shooting her a lot out in the desert around Phoenix. The days of getting spam cans of HXP ammo in bandoleers and 250 round boxes of loose Lake City M2 Ball fed-exed to my door for $70 sure were some awesome times!

    These days I'm back in Michigan so the old war horse doesn't get shot much anymore. I'm actually considering trying to sell all the Garand stuff I have as a package to raise money for an Icom IC7300 Plus HAM radio and some accoutrements. I guess it depends what I could get for everything whether I'd sell it all or not. I have a nice Fields Custom sling, USGI M5A1 bayonet and M8A1 scabbard, several unopened spam cans of HXP M2 Ball, a buttstock cleaning kit, a repro wool lined soft case stamped US, some loose Lake City M2 Ball, the 2 books mentioned above and a lot of once fired M2 ball brass, mostly Lake City. I never fired anything other than M2 Ball ammo through my Garand as I was always concerned about damaging the op rod. I always used boiled tung oil on the wood and Boshield T9 on the metal, using Lubriplate for the greasepoints. I did take my Garand on an elk hunt once as a backup rifle so I also have a Schuster adjustable gas plug (never used) and a 5 round en block loader that I would include if I sell everything.

    Well, that's the tl;dr on me and my rifle and current situation. That's what brought me to this forum, I wanted to do a little research and try to determine what might be a fair asking price for all the Garand goodies I have. I'm not in a rush to sell everything, so I might even consider a trip to the CMP Eastern games down in Indiana if I can't find any local buyers. It would probably cost a fortune to ship all this stuff so I'm guessing I'll be limited to face-to-face sales only. If I can't sell it then I'll be okay with keeping everything. I don't want to sell the rifle, but I'm in pretty dire financial straits at the time and I would probably use the HAM radio a lot more than I've been shooting the Garand.

    This looks like a nice forum and I'm looking forward to spending some time reading the posts here. Good Shooting and God Bless America, Steve

    Welcome to the forum. Post some pictures of the rifle. HXP ammo is at a premium these days. Depending on the number of spam cans you have you can sell some cans and still keep some for yourself. I would keep at least 1 or 2 cans and sell it with the rifle. Maybe rent a table at a gun show and try to sell the rifle, ammo and accessories as a package or individually.
    Looking for SA bayonet 1045220


      Thanks for the welcome! And thanks for the gun show idea, I might just give that a try next month, there's a show in September in Novi, MI that is usually pretty good.


        Welcome in from SoCal!