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Greetings and salutations from E. Central Florida

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    Greetings and salutations from E. Central Florida

    I sold my Garand, as acquired in an estate sale, to a young man very much interested in getting started in Garand competition. He was truly pleased. I still have a lot of 308 caliber bullets as acquired from the estate. Perhaps we can talk about those later.

    I am a member and long term Moderator at Graybeard Outdoors and a Straight Shooter, but will leave that strictly to your determination. I will read through the FAQ's here as soon as I find that link.

    If "strictly selling" is taboo here, I respect that and will go elsewhere. We see some of the same at GBO. Some members disagree with the practice, but it is not against their rules.

    I don't know what else I may have to offer by way of Garand discussion. I am only now, at the end of a long shooting, reloading, and hunting set of hobbies, accurizing a Ruger 308 American Predator, which is akin to my 270 Winchester Classic Featherweight, and significantly more powerful than my Marlin 336 in 30-30, as expected.

    Welcome in from SoCal!

    Strictly selling is not prohibited, but the admin and site owner really prefers that we get to know people for a little while on the site, also if you are unknown to the membership, there may be some apprehension to send money to an unknown person... Not trying to discourage you at all and I'm not being negative, just sharing some experience I've had on forums. We actually have a couple members that are sell only posters on the site here. If you are on any other forums let us know, many of us are on others as well and someone might know you and be able to vouch for you, even though that isn't required. If you have had any experience with posting about the M1 online anywhere, you will recognize several of the member's names here. I want to welcome you Sir and wish you a good experience here as long as your stay may be.
    Do you have other M1 Garands? Any more rifles for sale, or just parts/accessories?
    Feel free to join in, in any of the discussions and welcome again! Thank you for taking the time to join us and enjoy!


      I understand completely about membership apprehension, which is why I had hoped some would check me out at GBO and come back here to report. I am a member of castboolits dot gunloads dot com too, but discussion of jacketed bullets there is inherently difficult. I know the former owner of my Garand and his 30-06 (among others and still available) was casting and reloading round nosed boolits in 30-06 cases for the Garand. He was the 80 years young FFL and Armorer for a group of men that regularly shot the Garand competitively at the Titusville Rifle and Pistol Range in Mims, FL. Beyond that range I have no idea where else they shot, but it was a LOT. His son told me that his father had been reloading for over 45-years, a history that I can confirm strictly from the accumulation of equipment and parts I acquired from the estate. As the group's FFL and Armorer, he bought and distributed guns, powders, primers, parts and pieces as "Group Buys", getting FFL discounts where available. I have a box of new Garand parts, some still wrapped and in their original cosmoline, that we can talk about. Looking over these forums, I see places where I can relate that are not strictly Garand or 30-06 that I will populate with posts and responses and we will go from there. I STILL cannot find the FAQ's, but then, last night, my tablet would not allow me to see, except momentarily, the menu bar that begins with "Blog", but it is there for me at the PC this maybe today I find them.


        Wow, where does everybody go? 35 Members on line. 525 'guests' tuned in. Nobody posting. What's up with that?

        Still have not found the FAQ's.


          Welcome to our forum. Your experience and knowledge is appreciated.

          I've not ever felt the need to generate a "FAQs" area of this forum, I think you're the first whom has ever felt the need to try and find them, so if you have questions please feel free to either ask me via PM or make a separate post for them.

          If you wish to sell your bullets here then by all means have at it. Contribute where and when you can and all will be fine.

          To address your comment about nobody posting, and your question "What's up with that?" ---- this is a much smaller board than you're used to. I went over to GBO and saw that you're a super mod w/ 10K posts. This board may not give you the attention you need.......

          Welcome to the Addiction!


            Yes, usually I come on late at night when almost everyone is asleep. I read all the posts, answer what I would like to contribute to, clean up what I can, check in periodically until usually about 1am in case anyone is up early on the East coast or up late on the West coast. Then I do it all over again the next day.
            I wish I knew much more about the M1 Garand, but as TJT says it takes many, many years of research and reading books (and online) until a guy can learn up to the knowledgeable and expert level. I am amazed at some of the stuff posted by the guys on here that really know what they're talking about, and the pics as well are worth always looking at as people comment and we learn.
            But please feel free to look around and ask questions. And some days are busier than others, depending on who can be on here, and other factors. It may take until the next day to get responses from some of the older members as they are busy as well doing other things. Sometimes it is slow here, but there are lots of good non Garand related stuff as well, there is a reloading section if you are well versed in it feel to contribute.