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    Hello all. I'm looking to piece together an M1 of my own, likely in Johnny Cash fashion one piece at a time. I'm looking to expand my knowledge about the inner workings of the rifle itself, as well as any after-market parts or modifications that add to the overall effectiveness of the rifle. Any input or criticism is appreciated, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Someone that knows a lot more than I do will be along shortly to offer more advice, but my question would be what level of assembly/disassembly are you comfortable with? If you are fairly knowledgeable you could pretty much assemble a rifle from a barreled action, meaning an armorer/gunsmith installs the barrel to a receiver and installs the bolt/checks headspace. That is the hardest part that I myself would like someone who really knows those things to do, headspace is a critical safety function.

    If you are less knowledgeable, I would start with a cheap shooter M1 and learn taking it apart and putting it back together, learning it in and out until you are solidly comfortable in assembly. Maybe shadow a builder for a few builds if there is one that will let you.

    Welcome in and good luck.

    Just my .02,


      Personally, I would not worry about after markets parts and modifications until after I was familiar and proficient with the garand. Also, my first garand would not be one that I pieced together. Only after I owned a couple of garands, disassembled, reassembled. fixed problems, etc was I confident enough to build one from a receiver.

      Lots of information on this page for you.

      CMP's Armorers have gatherd a variety of helpful technical and "how to" articles that can be used for your own maintenance needs.
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        Buy your first one ready-to-go. An M1 isn't a Lego set like an AR is. It's a simple, but at the same time, complicated piece of machinery.


          I'm a Garand rookie too and IMHO, the best $650 I've ever spent on guns was ordering a CMP Special Rack Grade. Lots of opportunities to 'learn by doing' as far as assembly/disassembly and tung oil treating some very nice new walnut, knowing that the basic machine WAS put together by a trained armorer, with in-spec parts and test fired before it ever reached my grubby mitts - lol
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