RE: posting by Troy, 82nd Airborne and USMC-RECON0321 and ccyooper (sorry, not sure who is who) on 26 Feb 2016 - regarding a helmet with two names found inside. My cousin was Eddie Putney, KIA 10 May 1969 while assigned to 25 Infantry. Eddie was previously with 5th SF prior to being assigned to 25th. I believe those are South Vietnamese Jump Wings on his boonie. His left shoulder patch is Tropic Lightning. He was awarded silver star posthumously for his actions in aiding his fellow American and south vietnamese counterparts while taking out a bunker during an ambush on his last patrol before coming home. Fortunately I have possession of one of his green berets and copies of his award certificates for bronze and silver stars. I even have a photo of Eddie during jump school with his helmet. It's been 50 years this past May that Eddie was killed; I was 12 and it seems like yesterday. Ironically my retirement has me working as a police contractor and I am currently in Subic Bay, Philippines, just east of Vietnam. I am more than happy to share further information off-line concerning his redeployment from 5th Group to 25th Infantry, 65 Engineer Battalion. To really confuse people, the Honor Guard at Eddie's funeral was a Green Beret detail. Safe travels.