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    Greetings from the West Coast of Canada.
    in 1963 I went thru US Army Basic Training with the M-1. Qualified as 'Expert Rifleman'. I'd volunteered for an armored regiment in Germany, so after 'AIT' at The Armor School at Ft. Knox, I was shipped over ("deployed") to the Fulda Gap. There I was assigned to guard the old "Iron Curtain" against an expected Soviet invasion. The old M-48s were being phased out shortly after I arrived, and were getting replaced by factory new M-60A1s. What a fine way for a new tanker to begin his military career--on spanking new tracks!
    I'm retired now, married with kids & grandkids, living a quiet life on a small acreage on the Northwest Coast.
    Just this week I managed to acquire a (1944) Springfield M-1 to stand alongside my old M-14.
    No more 'Army life' for me, but I'm left with a wealth of memories of the Cold War in Germany that I'd be happy to share with those of you who are interested.
    Oh, and I still enjoy my Range Days!
    "Ein Prosit!"

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    Welcome in Sir, from SoCal!


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      Welcome to the forum.


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        Welcome aboard! Please feel free to share stories! I love to hear history first hand who lived it! And congrats on your M1 purchase