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Hello from North Carolina

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    Hello from North Carolina

    I recently bought my first M1 and quite honestly love that rifle. It's a shooter and not a number matching M1, I knew that before I bought it and just wanted it to have since I've always wanted one since the early 80's. I'm going to the gunsmith today to have the headspace checked out since I'm having issues with some extractions bending or breaking off the rim of the brass about every 6-8 round. Tapping the stuck brass with a oak dowel rod gets them out fairly easy enough, but has me concerned about why its happening. I've done just a little research on it since buying it and the receiver is a later issue, around 1956-57. I'm still looking into the other parts to try to determine when and who made them. I have had a mini 14 for years and the similarities between it and the M1 made disassembly a comfortable and easy process. I am hoping that the issue with the extraction is a fairly easy fix because of the few rounds I shot through it just yesterday it made me love the rifle even more. I was hitting bullseyes with it at 100 yds and plan on trying it at the 200 yd mark once the gunsmith is done with it. I'm 56 and my eyes just don't focus like they used to, so to be hitting center after a relatively short sighting in session really had me impressed.

    Welcome to the forum. Did you clean the chamber? What ammo are you using?