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    I’ve been shooting, Deer hunting sense 1958, Fort Lewis Washington, always hunted on .base with my ?Dad. He was on the 3rd wave in 1945 Okinawa, he was a motor pool mechanic, The Japanese made a big mistake when they disabled their vehicles, by removing different parts, if they would have removed the same part from every disabled vehicle. The Military could have never used them. He had been on island for several weeks, retrieving Japanese vehicles. When he stepped on a rifle in the mud. Pop picked it up, took it back to the motor pool, and cleaned it off in a solvent tank. A 1903 Springfield. Pop took it apart and placed it in his foot locker. That 1903 traveled thru several stations, I was born in1946 and in 1952 a dependent based in Okinawa. A sergeant by the name of Poshell restored 1903s Springfield's into hunting rifles. Yep he restored pop find during the war. I got my first deer in 1958 with pops 1903 along with a lesson and a bloody nose. I still hunt with that Springfield. Pop carried a M-1 Garand and I qualified in 1966 in the Army, in the High School to Flight school, Army Reserve. I graduated from College in 1978 still in the reserves but transferred into the OKLA air guard retired a Tech sgt, in 1989, I don’t recall when CMP crankedup bought a service grade rifle M-1 Garand. I think for $225.00. I also got a 1903 Springfield, when I was stationed in ?Hawaii at Schofield Barracks. I was at Wheeler AFB with a UH-1 Unit. The Hawaiian territorial guard was selling off 1903s I think I paid $45.00. It was rough but it shot really well, I’ve restocked it and had it parkerized cheaper than blueing. I sold my CMP Garand to help finance a new air conditioner unit. Last month I went to the firing range to check the sighting on my 1903. And met Gary Long, Gary was shooting his M-1 Garand, we visited walking down range to post our targets, He had never shot a 1903, we traded and I convinced my self, I needed another Garand. Big mistake! The wife will shoot me! Up date. My Garand should arrive today the 9th ya she was upset. Seems I,stay in trouble all the time, when I sold My original M-1 I had lots of support equipment that didn’t go with the gun, glad I kept it, been checking prices, man that stuff has really gone up. Have a good holiday, really enjoying the company.

    well the parcel arrived, low SN X Air Force apparently never left Conus, Trying to figure out just what I have, need to start posting drawing numbers and see if anything is manufactured around July 1942. It’s gone thru overhaul, has a really nice stock, possibly a CMP original.
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    Hello Merry Christmas and I hope the New Year works out! M-1 Garand is okay Inspected It, missed an Item on my Inspection, CMP is swamped with a poor turn around, I ended up ordering an complete trigger assembly, Their was a crack on the Hammer spring my 4th round or 12 round failed to Fire, I had posted about firing a bolo round, and the Troopers told me what to do Glad I asked, tried to recock but it failed to do that. I carefully pulled back the bolt and the round ejected, I cleared the Clip, and closed the bolt. The chambered round had a little very very small hit hardly noticeable. Had to look a few times at that. Gave up went home, two days later I tried to take the trigger assembly apart, turned out it had a broke spring, got an assembly on order cheaper than ordering parts AJ. ( I did not mention that I tried to put on the safety and it only went partly on. Then it would not go off. That was the real problem, according to my manual the safety has to be off to remove the trigger assembly. Shot some sprayway in the assembly and worked the safety back and forth. Finally got it off. I soaked it in,( Mouse Milk) It’s fixed, I totally dis assembled the M-1 and inspected all the components lubed greased and reassembled, before I went to the range. Working on the stock right now, getting ready for a range visit in February, range is closed right now, for range improvements. Really like my Garand.AJ
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