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  • AJ Brink
    I will comply, looks like a good group.

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  • Jersey Devil
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks for stopping by and signing up. Enjoy the forum!!

  • boomerpusher
    Jersey Devil, thanks for letting me in and I will try to behave in a manner that is acceptable to the high standards set by the Moderators and Super Moderators listed

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  • Jersey Devil
    started a topic Code of Conduct

    Code of Conduct

    M1 Garand Official Rules:

    1. No Flaming or Harassment Foul treatment of any of our members will not be tolerated. If you cannot be mature enough to treat people with respect, proper action will be taken by the Trading VIP Staff.
    2. No Spamming – This includes advertisement, worthless replies, and post count farming. If you are posting, please post to contribute to the site or post. This also includes TYPING WITH YOUR CAPS LOCK ON. We get what you’re saying, no need to yell at us.
    3. No Gravedigging – “Gravedigging” is posting on old threads and bringing them back to the surface. If a post is old, simply start a new one if you have the same question or concern. Failure to follow this rule will result in your post being removed, with other possible infractions as well.
    4. No Harmful Links or Content – We will not idly stand by and watch while our members post harmful links or content. If you are caught doing so,f it will result in an immediate ban.
    5. No Offensive Material – This includes discrimination of race, sex, religion or any other offensive behavior. People come here from all different walks of life and everyone’s opinion is valid. Please treat others with respect.
    6. No Pornographic Material – Simply put… This is not the place for it. We try to run a website that is enjoyable for people of all ages, and to do so we need you to keep pornography off of our site.
    7. No Excessive Swearing – Keep your language as clean as possible. You can get your point across without dropping F bombs every two lines of text. If you are angry or upset simply step back from the forums, or deal with the issue privately.
    8. No Hijacking Threads – This falls under the spamming category. Someone else’s post is not a place for you to change the topic. If you have another question or topic to discuss, make your own thread. Plain and simple.
    9. No Ban Evading – If you are banned, do not make other accounts in order to bypass it. We will catch you, and ban you again. If you are banned, it is for good reason and we do not want you ruining the forums for those who followed the rules.
    10. No Disclosure of Personal Information – We want to keep everyone safe. Part of doing that is making sure your personal information stays private. Divulging your own or someone else’s personal information will result in serious action from the staff. General locations and information is okay, just be smart about what information you give out, and keep yourself and others safe.

    The M1 Garand Forum Staff

    Disclaimer: is a family friendly website. The use of profanity is strictly prohibited. We encourage members to be respectful of one another, and realize that not everyone may be as smart or experienced as someone else. We all started out as beginners.

    We, the administrators and moderators, reserve the right to edit or delete any subject matter, either as a thread or post within a thread, if it can reasonably be perceived to be disrespectful or offensive to the average member or potential member.

    Spamming is not permitted. Any member engaging in spamming practices will be banned.