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    Promotion of RDS

    I'm very pleased to announce the promotion of Rich Slack (aka RDS) to the title of Moderator.

    Rich (RDS) started collecting militaria when he was just 14 years old, and has been member of the NRA since 1968. He purchased his first M1 carbine (Inland) in 1973 from a friend’s father, who purchased it from the DCM. That carbine, purchased for just $75.00, started a long road of collecting M1 Carbines.

    In 1976 Rich purchased his first M1 Garand, an IHC, which happened to be a very good re-weld. Soon thereafter, he purchased another IHC. This time from the DCM in 1986.

    In early 1986 Rich started working part time at Sarco in order to help pay for his gun collecting hobby, and sometime in late 1989 this part-time job turned into a full-time career. He stayed at Sarco until 1996 and from there moved on to Ray's Sport Shop where he worked until 2006, after which he went to work for Atlantic Tactical until the present day.

    Through the years, Rich was fortunate enough to become friends with Scott Duff, Charles Redfield, and Dave McClain, among others, and worked with Glen deRuiter. He joined the GCA at its very beginning, and his first issue was Winter 1986, Volume One, Number One. Rich subscribed to The Grand Stand Report in the Winter of 1991 (first issue), and has collected many magazine articles since 1968 on weapons of all types. Additionally, Rich has an extensive collection of books on military weapons and has studied them since he was a teenager.

    At Sarco his job was to control the firearms inventory, which included: ordering firearms, logging in and out all firearms sales, and handle the wholesale transactions of all weapons. He also repaired, rebuilt, and tore down all types of weapons. He worked on M1 Carbines, M1 Garands, M1As, AR15s, FALs, and Hi Powers to name just a few. At Sarco thousands of M1 carbines and M1 Garands alone passed through his hands. This was the hay day of Shotgun News and Gun internet, yet.

    Today, Rich lives in Pennsylvania with his family and as of June 1st is enjoying his retirement. Congrats on a great career, Rich!

    Cheers to a long retirement and welcome to the M1 Garand Forum Team!!
    Welcome to the Addiction!

    Congratulations on your retirement, Rich! I am green with envy as I read your bio....that must have been rough being surrounded by all those "devil-sticks" for so many years!


      Congratulations Rich. Enjoy your retirement. Looking forward to more Garand Forum entries.


        Congrats, Rich! Welcome into the staff! Very glad to have you with us. And congrats on retirement!

        Everyone, please give him all the respect that comes with position of Moderator, and follow any directives if given. Thank you, guys.


          Congrat's, to you.


            Belated congratulations Rich! I am still working by choice. PJ