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To strip or not to strip???

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    To strip or not to strip???

    I just received my CMP Service Grade M1 with new, stained walnut stock and handguards. I unboxed and un-cased the weapon, field stripped, inspected and cleaned the rifle. I used RBC to oil and lube the rifle and some of the oil got on the new stained stock and handguards. My question is do I need to strip, degrease or soak the stock to prep it for linseed oil application? And if so what process would be best?

    Don't really know what RBC is , an oil or grease? The Garand needs to be greased for lubrication:
    Greasing the M1 Garand - GarandGear
    Any good automotive chassis grease will d a fine job. Oils tend to run off over time and don't stay put under heavy pressure and movement.
    With linseed oil, just use a paper towel to get it off the surface and apply linseed oil.
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      Sorry, (old Jarhead lingo) RBC is Rifle Bore Cleaner, the old military issue stuff in the green 1 gallon can that was a mirky, white, semi thick oil, cleaning/ lubricant that resisted freezing and moisture. We used it in the 70's ad 80's for just about everything from howitzers to handguns.
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