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  • Maple M1 Garand Stock:

    I'm new to this forum I was into M1 Carbines before this. But I pick up a M1 Garand with a S.N. 39,XXX I think it's April 1940 metal is in good shape. Type 2 rear sight, out style trigger guard and Springfield M1Sca butt plate. I wasn't able to field strip to look at anything else at the time. I haven't got in my hands but will in a couple of weeks. The stock looks like it's been trough the war really ding and mark up. It looks to be a really light in color. So I heard same stocks were made of maple. So if this true who would have use maple and what year, does anyone have an idea? Thanks, Joe

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    Can you post some pictures of the stock ? It may just be a light colored walnut stock. I've had walnut stocks that were very light and some that were very dark


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      No maple Garand stocks, USGI garand wood is either walnut or birch


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        I know this is an old thread but sometimes black ( American Walnut) can have striped figure on occasion ( curly walnut). At first glance it may resemble maple.


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          Birch can also have figure (tiger strip) to it. A lot times the stain used on birch covers the figure.