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M1 garand Enbloc clips

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  • M1 garand Enbloc clips

    I bought some chinese knock offs and its not working for me.
    Everytime I fire it would get hung up stripping the bullet off the clip and I had to tap it just to send it home.
    I'm using factory PPU and some self reload stuff with Varget 44 grains, Hornady 150 grains FMJ with canellure.
    Where can I get some good old USGI spec Enblock clips?

    Has anyone bought from
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    While the clip is probably the culprit, is your rifle properly greased? With the current "dry is good" foolishness, some folks have gotten paranoid about lubrication. Use any good automotive grease. Apply enough to thoroughly coat EVERY rotating, moving and sliding surface. Use a little more, the extra just gets pushed out of the way and doesn't hurt anything. On the trigger group, I use LSA. If you don't have any, motor oil will work. I make sure oil gets into every point of wear, but don't use enough that its dripping out.


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      Are the enbloc heavily parkerized ? If so, get some steel wool and smooth out the enblocs inside and outside. That may help. You already found out the chinese stuff is junk. I bought stuff from AmmoGarand but not the enblocs, just because I didn't need them. I'm sure they are better then the enblocs you have now.
      If you happen to find a 192 round spam can of HXP ammo, you will get good USGI enblocs. Try to get a can that is dated 70 or earlier. The Greeks started
      using foreign made enblocs after they ran out of USGI enblocs. I can't remember the exact year of the changeover and I can't find the info right now, so I'm saying 1970 just to be safe. Maybe someone else will remember the year.


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        I remember years ago (1980s) 55gal cardboard drums filled with GI M1 Garand clips. GI clips were cheap and plentiful butt M1 Garands were scarce.


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          I just cleaned my garand and lube it plenty with Lubriplate 130A.
          As I was trying load some dummy rounds in it, I noticed that the bottom lip of the bolt is actually getting caught on the rifle it self not the clip.
          That plus the off spec chinese enblock clips really giving me some trouble.
          This rifle itself is a complete rebuild from CMP, I belived they changed every components they had and built around the original reciever.
          The bolt has minimal wear on it, and I think that is a brand new part for the build.
          How much rounds does it takes to break in a rifle? As of now I think I have around 600 to 700 rounds on this rifle.


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            If you have a CMP rebuild, your rifle is already broken in.