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Gunsmithing: CMP vs Fulton Armory vs Orion 7 for service work

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  • Gunsmithing: CMP vs Fulton Armory vs Orion 7 for service work

    Anyone care to chime in on their experiences (pros and cons) with each shop for maintenance and service work on recently acquired rifles that have sat for decades? I would be sending my rifle by mail, if that makes a difference. Would appreciate any info you might provide. My first choice was the CMP, but their backlog means I'll have a very long wait. Fulton seems like a great alternative. I'd never heard of Orion prior to reading Duff's book.

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    What are you planning to have done to the rifles ?

    If it is something that Tim Shufflin does,
    I would recommend Shuff's Parkerizing.
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      My goal is to keep each rifle as original as possible. I do intend to fire them, so I'm primarily interested in a qualified technical inspection and measurement of all parts subject to wear, lubrication and reassembly. No customization work at all.


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        personally I wouldn't waste the money on a inspection.You need to learn how to properly tear down clean and grease the rifle yourself. Its not hard and I certainly wouldn't pay someone to do it
        If you still want to send them off send them to Shuffs