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  • Help identify these parts

    I finished a detailed take down and cleaning of my fathers M1 Garand and saw these 2 parts sitting on my bench. Can anyone identify if these are from this rifle and where they would go? Days earlier I cleaned his K98 Mauser and M1894 Winchester but didn't notice them until I was done with the M1.

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    Not sure on the spring. The spring may belong in the 94 Winchester. The other piece is a spacer block for M1 Garands chambered in 7.62 Nato (.308). It fits inside the clip well up against the bullet guide.


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      Thanks so much, RDS. That might explain why none of the schematics I looked at showed this piece. You're a life saver!

      Is the function of the "spacer block" to prevent 30-06 rounds from being loaded?

      Now I have to pour over some schematics for the Winchester... sigh


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        Yes the spacer prevents a clip of 30-06 from being loaded. The spacer goes in first then the bullet guide. The bullet guide holds it in place.