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    Stock finishes

    I want to put a layer of oil on my M1 Garand stock, just as upkeep. Can I use Tung oil ? Or if the stock was originally dipped in linseed oil, would Tung oil ruin the finish ?

    Do you know for sure what kind of finish is on the Rifle now? If it were me I would try a small area first, not around Cartushes areas. I’ve stripped my stocks and used tung oil. Boiled Linceed oil is a nice finish, but it has gummed up on my 1903, why that happened Nobody could ever give me a reason. A lot of guys don’t like shine finish that tru-oil give you, it’s a real good Idea to do what your wanting to do. AJ
    ( update, hey 99 what did you end up,doing? My M-1 Garand is a totalCMP rebuild, never left Conus, Army AirCorp Rifle, The stock was new Black Walnut. Tiger stripes, decided to go with TruOil, will leave the hand guards, and see how it looks. After inquiring about TruCoat, I learned it will do well when you apply it, on any oil finish.Have a great Holiday! AJ
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