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  • cmp special grade excellent

    what is the easiest way to release the trigger guard on my m1 ? it doesn't have the loop at the back of the trigger guard. i'm trying not to bugger up the guard and or stock.

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    Pull back and down and it will pop out. If your hands are not strong enough you can use a wood dowel to do it and it will not harm it. The earlier of the stamped guards have a milled latch that has to be pulled back like the milled guards.
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      i think the problem was i was not pulling back first, just down. thanks CC !


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        You'll like your RM1SPECIAL. I've been using mine for a year now as a general purpose utility rifle on my land. Seems a little lighter than other Garands, more accurate and the stock is trimmed to the early WWII profile; much nicer to handle.