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  • m1 garand special grade excellent

    with a new stock, do i want the action to be tight in the stock for better accuracy? is this what they refer to when they say bedding a receiver?

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    Bedding a receiver is when a stock is routed in certain areas and the routed channels are filled with a synthetic bedding material usually an epoxy. This is done to keep the receiver from moving in the stock upon firing.


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    Bedding is not a simple procedure by any definition. It requires specialized tools and materials and an experienced tutor to guide you through your first one. In school, bedding an M1 starting with new wood took about 3-4 days to complete with an instructor standing over you for the process. It's far more than a bit of routing snd adding fiberglass if you want the full potential of the results.

    With that Special there are quite a list of simple things that can be done to the wood to enhance accuracy. As is, the new CMP stocks are not fitted well and need work. Look here for some info on things you can do with simple tools to make positive changes in accuracy.

    Start at the beginning of the thread to get the meat of it and avoid the newer BS.
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      Plus one on above. Lapriester has provide us with an excellent reference thread. As it is becoming more difficult for me to type I must keep my replies brief.