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BM-59 by Beretta / Golden State Arms at auction now

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    BM-59 by Beretta / Golden State Arms at auction now

    This particular seller has problems I didn't know about, apparently.

    The current auction illustrates how the first three pictures can show you nothing. I'm here to learn.
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    That was discussed here. It has problems.

    Kind of a quiz I guess, but I really want you to scroll thru and find 2 things. If it is obvious to you then give the newer guys a little time to mull it

    Looking for SA bayonet 1045220


      IMHO its not worth one half of the current bid. IMHO its only worth the sum of the useable parts and the receiver and barrel are not one of them.


        Bought one of those before I knew about the dangerous barrels.I rebarreled it with a Numnrich .308 barrel after shortening the barrel to 19 inches and put it in an M14 fiberglass stock. It was a real PITA, do not do it!

        It is a reweld, but I have fired over 2,000 rounds of milsurp with no problems. Firing pin retracting bridge has good timing. Copied from one converted by the late Ed Bland of Richmond, VA who passed away in 2000.
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