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    M1D identification

    Hey guys!

    I'm digging through the web about my Garand M1D. I got some questions regarding the parts and history
    1. I've notice that parts are from '42 and '44 is this the outcome of the post-war service that Garands went through?
    2. If the parts are still from the WWII does the collection value is still high?
    3. Could you please look at the scope and help identifying if it's original or repro
    4. The cheek pad doesn't have the MRT stamp but has the K-Line mark - from what I've read this is still original and was attached to first M1D Garands (please correct me if I'm wrong)
    5. I have the "SAMCO MIA FL" on the bottom of the barrel - is it true that this Garand was in Israel Army during the six-days war in the 60s?
    6. Is there any possibility to track history of this rifle (WWII/Korea or Israel Army)?
    Interesting fact is that I bought this Garand here in Poland so it went a long way I suppose



    I am far from an expert on the M1D and I'm still trying to learn about it but the cheek pad looks OK to me. The type of thread and stitching appears to be correct.

    I have the "SAMCO MIA FL" on the bottom of the barrel...... SAMCO was a arms importer located in Miami Florida. They went out of business in 2016.

    Is there any possibility to track history of this rifle (WWII/Korea or Israel Army)?.....No

    I hope others can provide more info about the scope and mount.
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    Looking for SA bayonets 922033 & 1045220


      The scope is genuine as well as the stock. Since the barrel has the correct stock number, it also is real. From the pictures you included I believe you found a nice, original, M1D.


        How did a SAMCO Import get to Poland?


          Well the guy I bought it from, got it from some hunter in Germany.

          Germany is the main source of Garands in Poland. The worst thing is that some lands (I think this can be directly translated - like states in USA) have some weird laws regarding bayonette rails (they are forbidden) so guys from Germany just cut them off. It's hard to get a Garand with that rail.