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M1 C & D accuracy

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  • M1 C & D accuracy

    Anyone out there with any real range or real life experience? I was reading some stuff on the web, (I should have said crap) guy figured his M1D test showed the rifle was good for 300 yard work. My experience with the accuracy of the following files M1 Garand, M16, M14 and M4 have me not really supporting scope use at 300 yards at all.

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    A M1D is no more accurate than a standard rifle, it just has glass. Both are very capable at 300 yds


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      I cannot speak to sniper M1s unfortunately, but I can shoot 400 yards easy with my Army ACOG on my 16" AR-15, and I can shoot 1,000+ yards with my M1A but I do have a real modern sniper scope on that one, a Schmidt & Bender PM II 5-25x56mm.
      I think it would depend on the clarity of the glass as well as how good the shooter's eyes are, maybe whoever wrote that was young or did it when they were younger. Some people shoot irons better naturally and some scopes better naturally. Maybe you shoot irons better or have more confidence in them? Just a thought.


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        As most know the internet is a mine field of cow pies, considering my experience I thought after the articles I read I'd seek more information. My AR 15 and my Garand experience is that 400 yard hits with standard sights is work but can readily be done. At 300 and closer I'd maintain cover.

        What I'm getting is the M1D was not a select rifle made into a sniper, unfortunate. My M1 (Frankemstein) can achieve 2" groups at 300 yards but it has a NM barrel and is bedded. With good glass and a proper load I'd not see any reason that 800 yard hits would not be possible.


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          The Garand is shot at Camp Perry matches at 600yds with iron sights, its capable further


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            Yes it is somebody should tell the journalists.


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              The minimum accuracy requirement for overhauled Garands was 6 inches or better at 100 yards. Most did far better. My DCM rifle, which is well worn, is as accurate as my CMP Special. Both will stay within a 4" black at 100 yards from the sitting position. (I'm not using a regular range with shooting benches.) From sandbags I would expect 2 inch groups or smaller.