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    Originally posted by Varelse View Post
    Thanks for the help. I still have a few months to poke around and see what pops up. I saw the information about the scopes and the mount problems. Some of the originals I have found go for around $1200, the sad thing is my uncle used to have a bunch of them in his shop and nobody was interested in them in the 90's. I wouldn't mind getting a repro to use in the mean time while I piece stuff together. I plan on having a few M1s so I may just have to wait until I am willing to part with the big money on a DCM rifle. In the mean time my son is itching to go Hog hunting and my AR build is on the back burner to acquire some M1s and .22s for the kids.
    This will kill you. About 8 years ago I bought a pristine M84 with 1903A4 rings on it at an Oregon garage sale for $50. I sold those rings for $400 snd the scope is on my M1D.