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    Stock swap?

    My SA Garand has an Oct 1942 manufacture date, but the stock cartouche is SA, 1950-1954. Its walnut, in what I think is pretty good shape, couple of dents couple of small chips

    I want it to be as original as I can, So I talked to a guy about refinishing the stock, and putting a 1942 appropriate cartouche on it. I don't think that's TOO sacrilegious, its just a chunk of wood.

    He suggested That someone may be looking for my stock, as is, and I could sell it, and buy a 1942, or possibly trade.

    Is their any value to this stock as is? And am I likely to find a good condition 1942 SA stock?

    Original USGI wood is getting harder to find at a decent price. An October 1942 built rifle would take a EMcF stock. If you want to restore your rifle to original condition prepare to spend $$$$.
    Actually, your rifle is in original condition for an arsenal rebuild. Personally, I would leave the rifle as it is. It is interesting to see what parts an armorer decided to replace during a rebuild. Also, a stock with a fake cartouche decreases the resale value of the rifle.
    Looking for SA bayonet 1045220


      there are three variations of the EMcF stock

      1, tapered clip latch cut in stock

      2. square bottom clip latch cut

      3. square bottom clip latch cut and small crossed cannon stamp on the pistol grip

      also both large and small crossed cannon stamps have been noted


        Originally posted by jak View Post
        Also, a stock with a fake cartouche decreases the resale value of the rifle.

        I might hunt for a really nice original ECmF stock and sell the one you have to help finance it. I would also keep any spare parts you replace in restoration as spares if you decide to go that route. Can never have too many spare parts.


          I have a September '42 rifle. It has an EMcF with the scoop cut clip latch and small ordnance wheel, just FYI in case you're looking for one you'll know which variation to seek.