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Question from Denmark - Winchester M1 Garand 30.06 from May 1943

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    Question from Denmark - Winchester M1 Garand 30.06 from May 1943

    Hi All

    I am the proud new owner of a Winchester M1 Garand from May 1943, according to the serial number: 131937x

    I assume that the stock is the originally one with the P mark and another mark on the side - it has an LMR barrel, from 1954 as I remember. I have shoot approximately 40 shoot with the riffle after I have picked it up at the gun smith- he checked it for any defects - it's a fantastic shooter .

    My question is, has all the produced WW2 M1 Garands been used in WW2?

    I only have a limited knowledge about the history of my rifle, because I bought it from a estate - I have been in contact with the previous owners family, and they told me that he has had the riffle for at least 35 years, and it was his favorite riffle. At the end of his life he unfortunately ended up at a nursing home very sick, and one of the things he broad there was this riffle, and he died next to it - so it is very valuable for me.

    I know you cannot track the history of the riffle by the serial number, but I hope that some of your guys can answer my question.

    The price for such a riffle in Denmark is app. 1670 USD.

    Best regards

    Peter Sørensen, Denmark

    Hi Peter,
    First of all, Welcome to the forum. You are asking probably one of the most common questions Garand newbies ask; It wasn't so long ago that I asked this question. I still haven't traced mine down (I understand most people will not) but I enjoy trying now and then. My April 1944 Springfield Armory Garand also has an LMR barrel (1953) and is also a great shooter. I bought it from a gun store and there is no trace of it's history. You are fortunate to have a contact. Perhaps the family could suggest where the deceased man obtained the gun and then continue with that lead. As you search the web you will find those who say it is futile, and maybe it it. But if you enjoy the search, keep trying. As far as I understand, there are no longer records indicating deployment of Garands. I've seen the following references online (note, the posts were year 2013 and I think they point to the same group/person/organization). They have limited S/N information, and it's at a cost. So far, I have not tried. Others on this site have broad collections and knowledge about this weapon and so they may be able to provide more info. Good luck and happy hunting! Let us know if you find information.


    springfield research service ( )


      Winchester Repeating Arms kept a record of the date by day of the serial numbers struck. No one else did. Serial numbers were for the use of the using organization, and in WWII were not recorded on a permanent basis. It is next to impossible to trace a WWII M1 rifle serial number.


        Hi Jim and Tom

        Thank you for the reply - I have tried to get more info from the previously owners family, but there is no record of its history.



          Hello Peter,Not all M1 rifles produced in WW2 were used in battle,some stayed behind the lines,some were on ships,and some were used to train soldiers here in the States.It would be wonderful if there were a way to trace their history,but as others have stated,it's near impossible.Enjoy your new rifle and you can always dream that it was a "fighting Gal"