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Has anyone ever seen one of these?

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    Has anyone ever seen one of these?

    I have several loose ones but have never seen one in an original rifle yet. It is a standard WRA bullet guide with a '33' or an '88', or as this guy sees, a 'CC' stamped in it.

    I have only ever seen a few of them and so far there are no other 'A' or 'CM' markings on any of them. Just wondering if anyone else has run across them.

    Not very good at including links yet (or pictures, for that matter), but here it is;

    Only for sale the on a forum (CMP?). Didn't know what it was at the time - maybe foreign? Based upon your observations and the original poster description, is it really a WRA part? I've not seen one on a rifle.


      Oh yea, they are real. I first saw the first a few of these a number of years ago in some stuff I got from Mac but I have never found one in an original rifle to be able to say more about them, other than they are WRA.

      My guess is later on in production, maybe at the earliest in the 2.3 million serial number range or later, but that is simply based on the long slot and lack of any CM's or A's. 2.3's is where those markings become less common and WRA wasn't having quite the difficulty getting enough of the right steel. There may be some out there with other markings, but they are not a common part at all so I rarely come across these to learn more.

      So, I guess I am just waiting for more information before I can narrow it down to anything more, which is why I threw it out there.

      Click image for larger version

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        I've seen more than a handful of these but can't recall ever seeing one on an original rifle .
        Most were loose or on restorations. Unfortunately this does not help your data collection other than there are more than a few out there.